camping on the isle of wight - Compton Farm

7 June 2014

The benefit of moving to the sticks is that you can literally go camping at the drop of a  hat. We decided to make the most of a short spell fo good weather here on Isle of Wight, and spent the night at a local farm campsite at Compton. Its about 10mins drive from our house so quite handy if we forgot something! I have been coming to Compton Bay since I was a tiny tot, but I had never stayed at the farm before.

Our littlun absolutely loved it, there was just one other tent in the campsite (which is a long slip of pasture at the bottom of a valley, near to the sea.) The owner says that it get fully booked during school holidays so best to phone in advance at that time. She could just free roam but was always in sight.

a new addition to our van is this old (tool?) box, which we use as a storage box, bench and table. The best thing is that it has a panel on the side as well as the top so you can still access the contents without moving everything on top.

I made a seat pad for it, out of a linen tea towel. It has a zip so I can wash it easily.

anyways, back to the camping...our nipper also loves animals so much which I am very pleased about! She loved to go up to every creature and say hello and 'mooo' or whatever relevant sound!. We couldn't get past this bunch of furry cows (also I was terrified of the massive bull in the middle!) so we walked back and looked from behind the very solid looking gate. I love how these cows can live as a family unit and are free to wander vast hills and eat brambles and nettles, these are hard core cows!

the campsite looks up to the meadow and hills beyond, very pleasing indeed.

she walked miles! We went to have a nosey around the old farm...

They have a very nice modern toilet and shower block on the campsite, but I found this gem of a WC...

how romantic!

(but the only person I'd feel comfortable going to toilet with is my toddler!)

and this stunning green house...

we bought some supplies from the local shop, and we cooked sweetcorn on the fire.

and a nice glass of Peroni!

we stayed up to watch the sunset whilst the nipper was all tucked up in the van.

the sweet williams came with us! £1.50 per bunch of British grown flowers.

after a refreshing game of footy with kangaroo...we headed off to the beach at Cowell.

we had dinner at a beach restaurant (which was okaaay) and strolled back along the beach and found some nice drift wood, then went home to bed.

 the end.


  1. It looks like pure bliss! I love all your vintage camping bits. I've been buying lots of sweet williams too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. I just loves the places, where you make your campsides. It's exactley ( ? ) the kind of places, where we love to stay. Nice you manage to go out, with the littel one.

  3. i just love this so much!

  4. Just GORGEOUS!!!!!! ^^

  5. So beautiful. The campsite looked idyllic with all that space to roam. Love the old tool box too.

  6. I love your photo diaries! You really capture the mood of the outing as well as the beauty and this looks so gorgeous!
    I especially love the toilet shot! Ihat wooden bench is both fantastic and slightly disturbing.. Haha
    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos :)

    Laura xx

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post, Artemis! Makes me want to pack my suitcase and travel to Isle of Wight immediately!

  8. Love that! Your kid is so cute and the pictures are just gorgeous!!

  9. looks truly idyllic. what a luck little girl Pehr is, as you guys bring her on such cool adventures....

  10. I love when you share your camping adventures. It's so great. thank you.

  11. That twin toilet brought back memories - there is one very like it here: at this campsite in Kniveton, Derbyshire (although theirs is a compost toilet!). We went with young children and were a bit worried what they'd make of a compost toilet, but when they saw they could "go" with a friend they loved it! :)

  12. I love your camping posts! This really makes me want to visit the Isle of Wight. I was lucky enough to grow up on an island in Puget Sound, near Seattle. There's something so enchanted about islands.

    That photo of Pehr playing with the kangaroo is soooooo cute!

  13. Artemis! I love watching you and your wee family's adventures unfold on the Island.

    My family on my Ma's side is from there and her aunty - my great aunty actually runs Compton. Great aunty Jane, what a character. The tractor in the snap of the chicken is my childhood landmark - we have pictures of me a top it from the ages of about three onwards it was soo nice to see it!

    I have attached a link that may or may not work of one such phoaties!

    Keep blogging!

  14. Artemis - does the IoW know what a fab tourist officer you are for them? They should be paying you!!

  15. What a perfect trip!

  16. What a lovely life you are giving your gorgeous nipper

  17. What a beautiful part of the world! It's so green and beautiful!
    Lovely photos :)

  18. Gosh what a beautiful trip and gorgeous photos and memories.

  19. It looks like it was a very bliss-filled camping trip. We had one too- they are the best. I love the look of that site, one to add to the list of places that I would love to go to. Especially those loos!!! Fabulous!

  20. Such lovely photos, brings back memories of my childhood camping trips when those vintage accessories you have were not so vintage!

  21. I've just discovered your blog and it's beautiful. Such a lovely post, very warming and cosy. I shall make a big drink and have a lovely catch up with some posts!

    Have a lovely week


  22. Anonymous9.6.14

    Hasn't the weather been brilliant (on and off!!). We've been out walking along the Sandown, Shanklin prom to Luccombe. Makes a body feel good!

  23. Your photography is so beautiful. The Isle of Wight is one of my all time favourite places... So relaxing :)
    Elise -

  24. What an idyllic campsite, you are really selling the IOW with your amazing photography which never fails to inspire me. I love rusty old farm machinery and love the pics of the chooks on the tractor and the dual loos.

  25. How beautiful! I love the photo of your tiny one toddling away through the field with what seems like the whole world before her! Gorgeous. xxx

  26. Haha ... had such a giggle when i read "a game of footy with kangaroo" - almost forgot who's blog I was reading! ♥♥
    As ALWAYS I turn green with envy when I read your camping posts. Having toured the Uk in a campervan we also preferred the farm stay sitse to the more commercial ones. So much more to see and do. Won't catch me using that loo though!! ♥♥


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