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18 June 2014

Here are some photos of a recent family trip to London this week. We have started going to London individually (before we always went as a family) as it is easier to get work done! However, we really missed taking our daughter around all the sights, so we decided to have a holiday trip now and again.
This time we stopped at Petersham Nursery for lunch as it's on our route. I love it there, it always makes me feel good and inspires me to plant things in the garden.

after that we went straight to Marylebone to meet a friend at a summer fayre. She works for a Menswear shop there and they have partnered with Monocle magazine to create this event at the Monocle HQ. There were soooo many amazing things to buy there, if I didn't have a squirmy tired toddler with us.

 they even had some animals to see.

The next day we went to Chatsworth Road in Hackney for the sunday market. We had a great parking spot for our van.

I ummmed and arrrrrred over a 1920s dress for quite a while! But in the end decided it was a tad too expensive.

but we bought a few other bits and bobs.

kiddo loves the toy shop there

there was also a little market in a school (?) that was lovely

I found an amazing 1930s cotton umbrella and a metal shelf

they also sell fresh local fruit and veg, but it was impossible to keep the littlun away from the strawberries.

we splashed out on a new blanket in this shop...

after all that window gazing and shopping, we stopped off at the Museum of Childhood. We'd been there before when we didn't have a littlun of our own.

she loved it! and we spotted a few toys that we have at home too.

On the way home to the Isle of Wight we went to Ardingly antiques fair which we absolutely love! It's just the best day out for us, so we always get super excited. Post to come shortly : )


  1. Love the photos x

  2. lovely post. Living in london while on my degree and working i loved exploring londons markets and the hustle and bustle of the place...i used to love the museum of childhood and other museums and galleries and antique shops. The petersham tea house looked wonderful, must put that on my to-do list when im in london next. I am now in devon ( 8 yrs!) but enjoying the markets and exploring the country and coast with my little girl. ;0) you have a wonderful eye of treasures!

  3. That was very enjoyable, thankyou. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Your little one has the most adorable cheeks! I love Petersham Nurseries and the Museum of Childhood but have never been to Chatsworth Rd market - must give it a go! Thanks for sharing :) x

  5. Anonymous24.6.14

    I love your posts about vintage-hunting! If I had a van, or indeed a car, I would definitely have gone to Ardingly too, it looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hi Artemis,

    I'm so excited to see our super book 'Maps' @BigPicturePress @templarbooks on my favourite blog - I had to tweet about it:

    Your blog makes me smile on my way to work : )

    Best wishes,

    Sarah x


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