spring munching

11 May 2014

We've owned our house for about 8 months now, and finally we got around to having a bit of a housewarming lunch. We are so lucky to have met some lovely neighbours and locals, so we invited a very nice couple to lunch who are currently converting a local disused Victorian train station into a cafe.
As we are pretty crap at culinary activities, we stuck to salads and picnic food, but it was very nice and we had a little bit of sun...eventually.

I made a salad with fried asparagus, peas, feta and mint, and a tomato and mozzarella salad and Nao made mackerel pate, chocolate ice cream and lemon sorbet.

thankfully we had quite a lot of alcohol to consume, which distracted from the lack of actual cooking somewhat.

the sun came out for a few minutes so we managed to have Nao's ice cream on our new garden table and benches, all very exciting for us ; )

and our garden is coming on nicely, some plants I have managed not to kill...


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