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19 May 2014

I thought that life would be a lot slower down here on the Isle of Wight, but I actually rarely get a day to do chores and housework. Here is a brief up date of some bits and bobs that we have done (and are generally doing a lot of) *Excluding work related London trips and boring stuff ; )

I now live quite near to where two of my brothers work. One of them works at Whittle Marine where they repair and restore beautiful wooden sailing boats. Above is the cat we met there.

We have been cycling on our old bikes...

at least some of the way, along an old railway track to...

the pub.

We have discovered some lovely local cafes, lucky for us as we are too lazy to cook. This one called the Piano in Freshwater was perfect and the food was delicious and local. It used to be an old Post Office!

straight opposite is a field of cows and a very nice footpath lined with banks of wild flowers.

We are also lucky to have a few nice beaches too, although one of my favourite beaches has no sand left after the storms during the winter, which is so sad. So Im very happy to have found a new favourite...

We have been eating a few too many pasties, but the little'un loves them, and if a toddler likes to eat something that isn't sweet its a miracle!

lots of paddlin'

and eating take-aways in the car to watch the sunset...

The mister, nipper, and I, went to an Auto Jumble in the New Forest

which was actually pretty fascinating!

yay a boat!

and then spent the night in our van

I cooked some homemade baked beans (only because we couldn't buy actual baked beans)

and we were set for a lovely evening, until...

some uninvited guests came along, I suppose my baked beans were quite tasty.

there was a hoof print in the blue cheese : (

after a fellow camper squirted the horses with water, they ran off and so we had our van back to ourselves again.

I drank a bit too much wine whilst watching the sun go down.

we spent a day in the New Forest and luckily the weather was on our side for once.

Our nipper absolutely LOVED the horses and donkeys.

and the streams

waiting for our ferry back home by the harbour side, luverly.

I think thats about enough for now! Gosh it's nice down here x

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