little survivor

4 May 2014

Some of you might remember this clockwork elephant?

I won it on ebay for £4.90, listed as not working, missing one eye, one ear and a tail.
She is circa 1950s and is made by a company called Alps, in Japan.
Well at long last her hospital appointment came up, an operation for ear and eye transplant in the clockwork medical shed. She already had an intravenous drip (sewing machine oil) and does actually move, very slowly as elephants tend to do.

I managed to find some tiny glass eyes so she will look a little more 'balanced'

operating table

it was a quick job, the only fabric I had that was nearest in colour was some grey wool felt. I drew a rough shape, sewed it, cut it out and turned it inside out and pressed it with iron and...

all bright shiny eyes and nice flapping ears. The other ear had to have some new card inserted as the metal was coming through the skin (velvet). They now stick out.

and a felt tail...

here is a rough clip of her plodding along...

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