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13 February 2014

When we moved to the Island, I went along to the local Primary school toddler group. Although it was lovely to meet the other mums, I'm not that into talking about mum issues that much. I also met some very welcoming teachers there. They all said that the toddler group is a great introductory to pre-school, and pre-school is a great introductory to primary school. This info did not sit well in my stomach, and with the crucified Jesus bearing down on us from the wall above, we shimmied our way outa there!

I'm worried about the school situation around us, there is not much choice and we would have to send her to a religious school as there are no non-religious primary schools here. I find this fact disturbing, although I'm sure many of you will disagree. I wish it could be a personal choice but it seems the government think otherwise.

Anyways, I try to keep my blog free of politics!

We are thanking our lucky stars that we discovered that the Wildlife Trust runs all kinds of great outdoor educational groups for kids of all ages...free of religious influence I might add ; )

It's just half a mile from our house, win win!

we bought our own supplies as we did not know what to expect, however they do supply all kinds of warm tasties.

there is lots to do, with different areas to explore that the volunteers had set up. Seating areas made of logs, bridges and ponds and dens and a lovely big camp fire!

and idea for some jewellery engraving from this twig...hmmm?

 although not pictured, there were loads of other kids there with their mums and dads.

our amazing neighbour keeps making us cakes, this banana cake went down very well with the littley.
In fact she loved every second of being outdoors, she has a tantrum when we have to go indoors!

Its so great to have some men there too! this is one of the Wildlife Trust people, he told us all about the trees in the woods and which ones need to be cut down and why and all kinds of interesting woodland stuff. And then he carved a spoon out of a twig.

There are quite a few of these set-ups around the country, if you are interested see here

So education is a bit of conundrum to us, we are pretty sure that we want to avoid pre-school, I never went when I was a nipper. ...and then maybe homeschooling during Primary school years? We still need to think about it a lot as there are so many positives and negatives to consider. Hmm.....

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