Mr. Wolf's house

6 February 2014

It's been a busy last few weeks for us one way or another, and the weather is very uninspiring.
Any spare time I get, I'm in my shed eating Jaffa Cakes.
I have been collecting lots of new materials and tools and paints and all sorts. 
One of the things I always wanted when I was a tot, was my very own doll's house. Although I didn't really like dolls, I always had some small animal type character that I wanted to house. 
I always thought doll's houses were really expensive, but I found this one for about £13 on ebay. I thought I could do some decorating to make it more atmospheric for our kiddo's fave toy...Mr.Wolf.
Winter forest dwelling. I got busy in my shed cutting up old books, fabric and got out some paint and started reliving my youff.

I had the idea to make a fireplace with a battery powered tea light. I modelled it on a Swedish style fireplace like these ones the light flickers like a real fire!

I tried to imagine if I was a wolf, what kind of wallpaper would I like?

he has a cup of tea in front of the fire in his rocking chair, or he lies in his deck chair in the 'garden room', what a life.

Of course our little'un is too small to play with it and I am too big to play with it, so somewhere in the middle we both have a jolly good time with it ; )

Changing the subject somewhat, I am so happy with my shed that has been resurrected from the mouldy slimy snail poo covered pile of wood in the garden, back to my nice clean dry and warm shed...such a relief! It involved a lot of sealant, undercoat and white paint! I have yet to repaint the outside of it due to the ton of water falling out of the sky all day every day, but when I have I will post some pictures of it. It's not that different to last time but it's a bit more functional and has tools and things in it. I would stay in there every day if I could.

I hope all you UK peeps are surviving?'s a bit flooded down here on the Island but our house is ok luckily, as we are quite sheltered from the sea.

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