east 17

21 February 2014

Also known as Walthamstow.

I only knew this part of London from the 90s boy band , the dog track, and low house prices. We found ourselves exploring Walthamstow Village this week after I had finished all my work at Rust HQ.

I'm pleased to report that a very fine day was had there, many interesting buildings and shops and places to eat, who knew!

Stained Glass window shop...

and very pleasant Londony terrace cottages...

 a very nice pub where the laid back landlord allows toddler groups. It was a relief to be able to let our (now very feisty toddler) have a free roam of the establishment so that we could relax.

a lovely flower shop with gorgeous mimosa plants (I would have taken them all home if it weren't for our small car size).

and Lily of the Valley, ahhhhh...

junk shops and craft shops and vintage clothes shop...

(we bought that green table in the window, ha!)

There are some very old buildings nearby, and a museum.

Walthamstow was also home to some famous British toy factories, you can find out al about them at the Vestry House Museum.

If you are in the area, you can also visit the William Morris Gallery, which I'd love to see on another trip. We are back on the Island now, it's so good to be home in front of the fire ; )

(all photos courtesy of my mister, Nao)


  1. Looks so lovely. Your posts always make me want to explore our lovely British Isles more! So thanks :)

  2. I'm not surprised you bought the little green table, I wanted to reach out and grab it myself!

  3. It looks wonderful! Love all the little unique shops.

  4. Ah, you were up in my endz, as the youth say! (or so I believe). Walthamstow Village is lovely - if you come back, I'd suggest a walk around the marshes (access on Coppermill Lane) and the William Morris gallery is a must - Lloyd Park just behind it is great for kiddies too, and there is an amazing Sally Army shop just opposite, plus The Bell for a pub lunch. The numerous items I procured from your sale last year are very at home here too! http://instagram.com/p/bd0FygCXvH/

  5. What a jolly trip, looks a great place to wander in some spring sunshine!

  6. Looks great and I love your little ones dress! Looked like my kinda day out too x

  7. Thank you for sharing your outing with us. It looks like you had the perfect day. It makes me want to come to the UK again to junk instead of doing all of the touristy stuff.

  8. Makes we want to get back to UK and keep exploring.

  9. That's so funny - was just about to message Walthamstow local Joanna Thornhill about this post - but see she already saw it!! Lovely photos as always Artemis :)

  10. This is my home too, its a wonderful, friendly place to live, Joanna Thornhill gives some great tips there! Also try the Wood Street market for the most amazing cakes and GiGi's vintage clothes and The Devils Own Junkyard for mind blowing neon signs, famous throughout the world! If you come in the summer, join The Walthamstow Art Trail for hundreds of art exhibitions throughout the borough. x

  11. its my endz toooooooo i love it this way!!! walthamstow market is fantabulous for haberdashery and fabric and ethnic food, walthamstow village is a beaut with the lovely church, vestry museum, and the little shops all dotted around, i also loveeeee the e17 art trail, the marshes on coppermill lane, wood street market (which i preferred when it was run down with the leaky cafe) lloyld park and the salvation army thrift store, william morris gallery...fantabulous but everyone should ssssh about it i dont want loads of people moving here LOL

  12. walthamstow village is great… I was living there until a few months ago! I love that old house on the corner and that shop where you bought the table was one of my favourites x


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