east 17

21 February 2014

Also known as Walthamstow.

I only knew this part of London from the 90s boy band , the dog track, and low house prices. We found ourselves exploring Walthamstow Village this week after I had finished all my work at Rust HQ.

I'm pleased to report that a very fine day was had there, many interesting buildings and shops and places to eat, who knew!

Stained Glass window shop...

and very pleasant Londony terrace cottages...

 a very nice pub where the laid back landlord allows toddler groups. It was a relief to be able to let our (now very feisty toddler) have a free roam of the establishment so that we could relax.

a lovely flower shop with gorgeous mimosa plants (I would have taken them all home if it weren't for our small car size).

and Lily of the Valley, ahhhhh...

junk shops and craft shops and vintage clothes shop...

(we bought that green table in the window, ha!)

There are some very old buildings nearby, and a museum.

Walthamstow was also home to some famous British toy factories, you can find out al about them at the Vestry House Museum.

If you are in the area, you can also visit the William Morris Gallery, which I'd love to see on another trip. We are back on the Island now, it's so good to be home in front of the fire ; )

(all photos courtesy of my mister, Nao)

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