Yule making: crackers, stocking, tags and tree decorations. blimey.

23 December 2013

It's very stormy here on the Isle of Wight, I feel like our house might get blown away! So not much else to do other than make some things for Yuletide celebrations!
I managed to get all our RUST jewellery orders finished and dispatched in time, but with the mister in London for a few days it's been pretty hectic here. Single handed parenting with a cold, not a good mix.
Anyways, I think I have caught up on all the things I wanted to make.
Excuse these blurry pics, but I made these crackers last night. Actually I cheated a bit because I bought the blank unmade crackers and just decorated them. I typed out jokes on my typewriter and put some cheapo pressies inside. I made 13 in total which spell out Happy Christmas. Hope they go bang for our xmas eve dinner at Grandma's house.

We had a little bit of Winter Solstice-ness, but due to a stuffy nose and blurry head, I didn't make it to the woods. But we did burn our tiny Yule log. I used my new wood burning tool thingy to write on the wood...need a bit f practice though.

I made a stocking for our toddler (who is now 14 months old, can you believe it??). It's a bit basic but I'm please with it anyhow. I made a rosette which can also be worn as a brooch.

I have heard from Santa, that all the pressies are wrapped and waiting for delivery.

Also new to me is this stuff...

air drying clay. I had a bit of experiment but I found it a bit tricky to use. I ended up just making simple shapes with a star pastry cutter and also making strips like tags.

the map wrapping paper seemed to work ok!

I hung the stars on our little twig tree in the living room. They spell out Winter Solstice.

I also had a go at making felt leaves and acorns on my sewing machine...

 I have a massive stash of nice bits of paper that I save from various pressies...so I re-used quite a lot! As our kiddo is still little she wont remember what last years pressies were wrapped in right?

I made a new wreath as the other one kind of blew to bits in the storm. This one is a bit more robust although maybe a bit boring.

So we are all set and ready to go. Our house is in a permanent state of creative mess. I tidy it up, then make a whole load of papery, glittery mess all over again. I hope it will stay tidy for a least 6 hours??

I might do a post before the 25th but not sure so, just in case... Happy Yule everyone! xx

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