yule making: decorations

8 December 2013

So this is the fourth post today! that must be some kind of record. I have been really busy lately, but I do love to make things and pretend that I'm a Primary school art teacher.
This year, like every year, I tried to make the tree look a bit different. It's hard when decorations are so expensive and you need a lot of them to make a difference right? So I thought of pine cones as a cheap decoration, and also I like to stick to the original idea of winter solstice which is all about bringing nature indoors, decorating it and celebrating the fact that it will be spring soon! I guess that makes it ok to put paper moths and butterflies on the tree too, as they are the perfect symbol of re-birth and renewal. Do I sound like a hippy? 

anyways, I used some of our extra good quality one coat emulsion paint, which was way too thick, so I had to water it down a bit.

they took ages to dry, but once they were, I glued some mini metal bulldog clips to the bottoms and dabbed them with a bit of gold glitter paint.


we always buy one decoration from Liberty's, but this year we bought two. This sparkly pear, and a moose bauble. We splashed out!

I'm quite happy with this painted pine tree twig.

that book paper bunting I made a few years ago, it survived two house moves!

and my vintage bauble collection which I treasure. This is one of my favourites...

these snowflakes are from a little local shop here on the Island.

Our little'un LOVES to help build the fire (we have two usable fireplaces btw, this one is sort of in the kitchen area, tea room?) thats sounds kind of posh, which we most definitely are not.

(yes I know we are missing the 'ash boxes'?? from our fireplaces, the chimney door thingy is also broken, hence big gaping hole).

anyhow, its so lovely to sit by the fire and think of what needs to be done next. I do love a list.
Please excuse my poor spelling ; )

So decorating is a bit slow and I seem to have lost a few strings of lights during the move. We found those big pine branches in the woods, I love the smell of them.
We also purchased two school benches, one of them is next to our dinning table, the other lives under the window. This is a nice place to sit down, tie on kiddos shoes, store stuff or just look at a book.

this room was kind of an in-between room with no real purpose. It's a bit like a corridor and we kept just plonking all our coats and bags there and we never sat in it or appreciated it, but now we have decorated it and lit the fire, I love it so much and we have so many places to sit now. (which is great if you have an argument or its your day off from kiddo minding).

I'm collecting old prints and paintings of mountains. I have two thus far, is that classed as a collection? I'm on the look out for more.

this lantern was a recent Ikea purchase, I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy more of them.

I have finally got round to sewing up some curtains, I made ones for the front room which was quite a job as its a bay window, and this one. I didn't have enough proper curtain wire when I took this photo so it looks a bit saggy here, but I'm really pleased with them in the end.

In the mornings our kiddo kisses the tree 'mmmmwaaahhh' with a big lip smacking sound. I just love it!

this is the living room...

by the way, it might seem like our house is really big, but actually the rooms are quite small so it's a bit misleading. It's perfect for us though.

More vintage baubles, I broke just two this year : (

I'm over the moon to have found some gold letter stickers to do this, I never thought i'd find any, but came across them online.

some mouldy logs and fake snow, cheap and cheerful.

ahhh I love all things Yuletide. I think I need to stop and put my feet up now and appreciate all my doings with a large glass of wine.

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