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30 October 2013

We are slowly making progress with our house. Boxes are almost gone, and furniture is working it's way into the correct rooms. It's still a complete mess, and there are shelves and hooks and lampshades to put up and painting to be done. BUT, whats the rush eh?

One thing I can't stand is plain things, and although I love white walls and stripped floors, they are only good for displaying colourful textiles and objects in my opinion. So I have been collecting some bits of fabric, and spray paints, and buying cheap cushion inners and lampshades in B&Q and Ebay and the like.

I got out my sewing machine this morning, and in my pyjamas, started whizzing up some cushion covers to add a bit of life to our grey sofa.

It might not be to everyone's liking, but I do love a colourful zip. I mean, why should a zip be concealed or matching? Zips are amazing, so I made them a feature ; )

I chose the most colourful ones I could find.

I love this Japanese inspired print...

I made this one from a Thornback and Peel handkerchief that I bought on our last trip to London.
I had to use a white zip for this one as the cotton is very transparent.

What I love about cushions is:
They are so easy to make,
They transform a room,
You can use anything to make them, like old clothes, tea towels, blankets or handkerchiefs!
They cost loads to buy, but you can make them for a couple of quid,
Most of the inner cushions I have, happen to be made in Britain,
You can re-cover them when you get bored of them.

...and they are great for diving on.

I have done a few other bits and bobs around the house, like this knackered old stool I found.

The seat was all bowed and cracked, so I punched it out from the bottom...

and recovered it, with a bit of padding too.

and I have recovered quite a few lampshades too, this was from B&Q, now covered with Liberty print fabric.

Lots more projects on the way, and if I feel brave enough, I'll show you around the house...(once I have done the washing up).

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