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7 November 2013

Here are some pictures of our house so far, there is still a ton of things to be done and finished but we are taking a bit of a break. Anyhows, it's never going to be 'finished' because we will always be changing things around I guess, so I thought I'd just get on and take a few snaps.
It is a dream to finally own our own home!

I have just received the fabric which I'm going to make curtains (or blinds?) for the whole house, so at the moment its a bit public in the living room if you get my drift.

I bought these glass boxes a while ago, as they really useful for displaying stuff and not having to dust things. I put some wrapping paper in the back of each one, but I haven't yet decided where they are going, so they are living on the mantle piece (with everything else!) until further notice.

The clockwork creatures already have their home sorted...

My mister did a great job hanging up pictures, shelves and hooks, we still have a few other bits and bobs to hang up too.

not sure what to call this room, 'tea room'?

we always keep our outdoor clothes at hand as its easy to go for quick walks outside our house, sometimes mis-calculating the weather conditions though...

we found this French wood burning stove, I fell in love with it and thought we could use it as a table (we don't have anywhere to install it). We put a lamp in it instead. (Madam has already poked her fingers through it and made a hole in the film)

Our big kitchen table was made for us out of old scaffolding planks, which we have since oiled, and we are going to paint the lower half of it very soon.

The bathroom was recently installed, but we weren't keen on the beige marble type tiles, so we painted them for now but will hopefully rip it all out one day. These vintage tiles I've had for ages have finally found a little space next to the sink.

Massive mirror + chalk pens is a bit addictive.

we splashed (no pun intended) out on this shower curtain which is a bit bonkers! We spent a bit of money on those things which I'm not likely to make myself, also nice soaps and candles as a bit of a treat.

nipper's room, which I've already shown you before...

and this is our room (my side)...

(ha ha just spotted the empty wine glass next to my bed!) p.s. I'm not an alcoholic, yet.

bedroom fireplace...(the nautical chart is just there until we find another big print to cover an oddly placed plug socket on the wall).

 so thats it so far! We are loving it here, ahhhhhh x

p.s. just noticed that small dot on some of the photos, it's on our lens not on our walls!

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