new surroundings and a new vehicle!

28 October 2013

So we moved to a nature reserve. It's simply glorious.

A river,  a creek, a harbour and the sea. An old wooden pier, local ice creams, crab cakes, a deli and lots of fresh air.

(this is not our house! its a beautiful ramshackle old mill full of vintageness, not too far from our house. I think it is available for holiday let?!!! see this amazing inside tour) It reminds me a little of the big old crumbly shared house in London where I lived for 5 years. The cheapest rent in London! The rooms just went on and on, and the top floor swayed when a bus went past!

We have been dreaming of selling our modern 'reliable' Micra for about a year now, and buying ourselves a vintage 'run around'. Our camper is great for long trips and picnics, our fiat is staying London as its the perfect city car. So a Morris Minor Traveller is the perfect daily car.
We managed to finally buy one a few days ago (with the very much appreciated help of my brother!)

It's a bit of an extravagance to own three old cars I admit, but we believe vintage cars are the best investment for our savings! It's cheesy but...we invest in memories and live for the now.

(apples from our garden!)

I think our littl'un has changed so much since we moved. She seems calmer and happier, and is so engaged with everything around her. She loves the SPACE to run about and explore.

I feel so much more 'grown up', buying a house and living in the countryside.

p.s. I hope you are all ok after the storm? We lost one slate off the roof, not exactly the 'devastation' I was fearing giving the din all night. The winds reached 99 mph just around the corner from us, totally bonkers!

p.p.s. my lovely husband took most of these photos. He's good at getting up early to catch the sunrise, and his pictures are amazing!

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