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15 April 2011

This week we bought our first car!...I, however can't drive, because roads and my brain don't mix, and unless you are Evil Knievel you wouldn't want to get into a car with me at the wheel.

We were tired of hiring the Streetcar, because someone kept block booking it so we had to walk miles {at 4am} to reach the next one to go to the market and worry about not making it home on time. But Streetcar fared us well and I still recommend it.
As you can see we went with a practical car not exactly our dream car, but I love it all the same. Its a Nissan, which I always associate with Aunties. It has an nice look about it and feels like it wants to go places, so I'm looking forward to many an adventure! Its Nao's first ever car since passing his test a few years back, maybe I might try driving it too? {in the car park}.

Also this week...

I have never seen Nao do any ironing before, so you can imaging my surprise when I walked in the garden and found this! Ironing in the garden, why didn't I think of that??!

Also...I'd like to thank all those who have bought our Sakura necklace!
We have already raised a very decent amount {we will add up a total at the end of the month} that will really help them. We are so surprised to be sending them to all corners of the globe, just shows how humans can pull together when others are in need. 'We are all the same at the end of the day!'

Thank you all! X

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