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20 October 2013

Hurrah! I'm still alive, living amongst the aftermath of moving house! I have moved home so many times I have lost count. But this time for some reason, it was oh so stressful and traumatic I have to say! I don't want to sound melodramatic, but yes, it was more stressful than giving birth and similarly rewarding.
Anyways, more on that later. I'm just checking in to say that we are back in London for a few days. We have to clean up our flat and give back the keys in the hopes that we get back our small fortune of a deposit. And to do some jobs at our workshop. It is weird to be a visitor here, but we are starting to look at London with a different view and certainly make more of our time here now.

We are keeping our little Fiat car in London near our workshop (we'll use the train to get from Isle of Wight to workshop) as it works out cheaper and more relaxing than driving (well I can't drive but my chauffer has too!). My husband found a nice street of shops when he went to rent the parking space. Its called Amwell Street (EC1R near Islington). I'm sure all you trendy London folk have known about it for agies, but its news to me. I loved this shop called 'In with the Old'.

I came away with quite a few treasures from there to be honest!

Some other interesting shops and cafes on the same street...

nice doggies bum view!

I'm really excited to start collecting and making things to decorate our new house (I still can't believe we have a house, I keep saying flat!). We had a stroll around Angel, and went through the little antiques market there.

I loved this £55 mug, but I ended up just buying a plate for £1, much more my cup of tea.
(blimey I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! tired eyes and cold sore. Nice)

Nao bought lots from the collection above. Also this guy called George is an old friend of his.
I bought a hammer.

One thing I HATE about Central London is trying to find a seat in a cafĂ©.

anyways, we had afternoon tea in a Turkish restaurant which was lovely.

And we went to After Noah which is like a fairy tale for kids. Toys hanging from every surface, and some vintage bits and bobs in the basement. We bought a few small things for decorating and some very expensive wooden pegs. We have bought a few of these much cheaper from B&Q, but these were beautiful wood and we couldn't resist a bit of luxury.

So we will be back home very soon, and my head is whizzing with ideas of things to do and make. In fact I don't know where to start! Our house is still full of boxes and half painted areas. It may take a while to settle in but we managed to finish our Daughter's room just in time for her 1st birthday last week, so I'll post about that next. Phew, I need a cup of tea and a sit down!

p.s Nao should take the credit for most of these pics!

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