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1 October 2013

When we move to our new house we only have a few days before its our nipper's first birthday. I know, I know...they won't remember a thing and all that, but y'know, its a big day for us parents too. So its a bit like celebrating a year of successfully keeping alive a small human.
My plan is to decorate her room and give it to her on the day, with a ribbon to cut and all, Queen stylee.
I thought I'd start doing a few things now, even though our tiny flat is like a warehouse of boxes and we have just two square feet of space in which we are all living. Any how, I ended up cutting up bits of felt and paper into the early hours last night.

I painted these Ikea box frames with some pale grey acrylic eggshell paint, then got busy with the scissors. I found some nice animal wrapping paper which was my inspiration for the fox.
Behind them is some vintage wallpaper.

The labels just say fox and bear and then their Latin names.
After that, I got on to the bigger frame. I made an elephant balancing on a ball.
*I think I should state here, that I absolutely hate the use of animals in the circus, but I must admit that I love the vintage imagery and designs from old circuses. Its odd, but there you go.

not sure, at the end, whether I like this one or not, maybe it should have been bigger? its done now so it may grow on me.

It also lights up. Not sure about this either, but I guess the little one will like it eh!

I am loving this gold metallic embroidery thread, I have used for just about everything!
Of course, the clockwork elephant was the model for this picture.

So, I guess there will be quite a few 'decorating' posts to come, be warned! ...also, I do want to show you our workshop, think we will give up on the plumber and just put the furniture how it was.

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