First EVER birthday!

22 October 2013

So the great day arrived last week. We had massive 'moving day' hangovers, with most of the house still in boxes and having to search to find clean under clothes and toothpaste, we managed to somehow get everything ready for Pehr's 1st birthday. I made a three layer cake, which was one of the most scary things I have ever done, as I do not cook, full stop. It was vanilla cake with cream cheese icing.

I made it late at night, and apart from a slight subsidence in the foundations, in remained in tact for the morning.

I used plastic animals to decorate and made a flag from wallpaper with a one on it.

there was a LOT of debris...

the only tidy space in the whole house...

the cake was a tad was heavy and much bigger than I had anticipated!

It was actually pretty nice cake I have to say ; )
and her Highness liked it a lot.

Then we gave her, her new room (actually she never had her own room in our one bed flat so it its just 'her room'!) We painted the floor and the walls and the wood work.

it was a bit of a dark day to take photos but I got these pics just before it was ransacked.

(yes I have ordered plug socket covers btw)

she loves it in there!

and Nao made this exquisite carousel made from just a sheet of gold, all cut out by hand saw. I am just lost for words at this, amazing!

The next day was Monday and was her 'actual' birthday (like the Queen, she had two birthdays) There was pressie opening in the morning...

a tin suitcase, and...

cup, pate and bowl.

wooly hat, and some books.

and lots of amazing Japanese toothbrushes from Granny and Grandad in Japan.
(that 360 one is brilliant and has solved the nightmare of brushing teeth)

We left the house a bit late and arrived at Seaview Wildlife Encounter just a few hours before closing, whoops.

it was just brilliant in there, you can get really close to the animals, and she loved running after all the duck, chickens and geese roaming about.

and we got to feed the penguins!

although she looks a bit wiped out here, she did love it so much so we will be going there often.

Blimey that was a long post, I had to even cut out some photos to fit all in! I still can't believe that my baby is not a baby anymore and will soon be off to Thailand with her DJ boyfriend or something similar : (  

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