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15 July 2013

So considering we worked hard all weekend at the jumble, and there was a British 'heatwave', it would be rude not to go camping during the week. We drove down to our favourite local beaches (Camber and Birling Gap) on the south coast and stayed at a farm in between the two.

Our tot had her own tent, inside our tent. ahem ahem...*please note the new storage solutions for the van/tent* a new concept for us.
(This cot is good, but easy for little one to tip in over and roll about hamster ball stylie, apart from that, it was perfect.)

we pitched our tent over looking the pond with the terrorising very friendly ducks so we didn't have to look at all the caravans, England flags, electric plugs and shower block ; )

I must mention this amazing canvas bucket bag from The Mariner's Supply Company. I absolutely love it, and it has a cotton lining so its easy to dust out sand and half bitten grapes that lurk in the bottom. The company makes bags in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is where I did my Fine Art degree (many moons ago). I shall be buying more of these bags when I have the funds as they are useful for just about everything.

anyways, back to the story... after some very exhausting duck chasing, day two, we went to Birling Gap, which I have blogged about before a few times, so sorry if out trips are getting repetitive. 
We built our little one's first sand castle, and she had a dip (well, her toes that is) in the sea (well, puddle that is)

It was perfect, all rounded off with a non-negotiable cream tea, then back to the tent for a fire and glass of something. It was difficult to get the babe to sleep because she was so excited, and she loved crawling round and round the tent, as everything is on the floor, this was a bit challenging. But, as long as she enjoyed it, I am happy to oblige.

we had a quick walk around the village the next day, and a visit to Pevensey Castle. However, blood suger levels were at critical low point and there was no tea and cake to be had there, so we left rather quickly to find the nearest pub for lunch.

In the evening, we took the nipper to see the other animals on the farm.

I can tell you, these little piglets nearly went in my bag for smuggling home, until I caught sight of the mamma. Not a quite a painting shall we say? But charming in her way.

I loved this little black and white pony, all on its ownsome : (

Unbelievably cute four legged friends.

and gorgeous evening walk past the meadow.

ahhhh....camping! why bother with all those taxis and airports and little plastic bags, and noisy tourists palarver, when you can stay in good ol'Blight for £26 for three nights in 30 degree heat??

I feel more camping urges coming, so once we get our work done for the week, we'll be back in the van and off somewhere else I'm sure.

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