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24 May 2013

As I mentioned before, I am soo incredibly lazy when it comes to household chores (we both are to be honest). I usually leave cleaning until it gets to that point where you watch those documentaries on tv about hoarders or 'a life of grime' and you start see a worrying similarity forming.
It gets me down, as I used to be really tidy in my 20s! so...I made a plan.
I HATE cleaning rotas and stuff as they just seem to evoke guilt and arguments which I always think is a pointless waste to argue about cleaning. This is just a reminder for myself, to do three small jobs a day, and as I usually work one or two days a week at the workshop, I can do some on the weekend instead. I have maintained my cleaning plan for FIVE days running and I feel so happy! Nao is very impressed and I noticed he is following suit too.

Not just that, but as we live in a one bedroom flat, storage is a real issue. Unless you put everything away in its place instantly it starts to look like a mess. Clothes and washing are the main culprit in our house. I got rid of lots of my clothes, and selected things to keep out, that I wear a lot and are seasonally correct (difficult in UK admittedly). The rest, I zipped up for later use. So now, whats left in my cupboard are like what I'd take on holiday pretty much. Im going to try and wear each item more than once before it gets a wash too (except undies of course) This means less washing, and less putting away, and I can avoid those blimmin moths eating my vintage silk and wooly things too.

By the way, this is Pehr's kimono, a present from some good friends in Japan. Its actually meant for a baby even though its so long. She looks really cool in it so I will take a pic shortly.

I bought a huge amount of these little baskets from Ikea which are great for keeping on the shelves.

and these linen drawers are from Muji, I use them for all Pehr's clothes.

when Im at the vintage market, I always manage to pick up some small baskets, I love baskets.

and this washing basket is great for all her toys...I just tip it on its side and she kind of dives in.
Its from a local eco-friendly shop (in East Dulwich)

I hate dust, where does it bloody come from so quickly? fluff everywhere, its weird. I decided to use glass vases to keep bits and bobs in as they are kind of like mini display cabinets.

our little'un has thousands of toys...people say that friends and relatives will buy loads of toys for your kids, but shamefully, 95% are from me! I love toys as much as she does.

Its not just our flat that needs organising. Our camper van is lacking in floor space too as we have baskets of camping gear in there which aren't very practical. Is it an Ikea slogan? that everything should have more than one purpose. So I thought some storage that could be a seat would be ideal. I searched around online for something suitable (as the dimensions are quite vital in a camper) and the only thing I could find were these naff storage stools in tacky poo coloured fake suede.
My plan was to cover them in the same linen fabric as we used for the camper bunks.

I thought about sewing the edges like a box, but in the end, I couldn't be bothered! So I folded the fabric around the lid just like wapping a box. I used tacks and glue to fix it really tight.

For the box part, I sewed a long strip at one edge to make a circle of fabric the same dimensions as the box, then slipped it over (luckily these boxes collapse so it was really easy to get a tight fit), trimmed and then pinned a square bit of fabric on the bottom. I then took it off and sewed it, so it was a really snug fit. Then I just folded the fabric around the rims and stuck it down with glue (I use Bostik All Purpose glue for everything!)

and they look like this...

I will take some photos of them in the van later as its having some work done on it at the moment.

so now we have much more floor space for doing this...

and this.

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