a little trip to devon + cornwall

23 July 2013

As the thermometer was reaching unknown bounds last week here in the UK. We had to escape London and headed for the west country. We had four days, and we aimed to get as far as Fowey in Cornwall.
We stopped in Devon on the way, in a little village called Branscombe.

We pretty much had a field to ourselves!

The next day we had lunch at an old tiny bakery. It was the best sarnie I have ever eaten.

and inside was just as beautiful, with all the bread tins and huge mixing bowls etc...

Our tot loved crawling about on the smooth old floorboards (although I had to tie her dress up, so excuse the nappy view).

 She got filthy on that floor, so had a quick wash off in the little stream before going to the beach.

Branscombe bay was perfect, crystal clear water, and colourful fishing boat (just the one boat that is!).

her new game is walk round and around the umbrella pole.

after that we went on down to Cornwall. We found a nice campsite near Polperro. The views were amazing and we pitched up our tent beneath a crumbly church tower.

We had a quick look around Polperro...

and then went for a little trip out to sea in this fishing boat...

...which had the most hilarious skipper's dog, who barked at every boat that came within 50 metres.

we also visited Polruan and parked our van at the top of a huge hill. This afforded us lovely views, but we regretted it on the long steep walk back.

We crossed the river ( this is where the river meets the sea so I suppose it is an estuary) in a small ferry and when I saw the water on the other side of the harbour, I had a strong urge to strip off my clothes and dive in.

which I did.

we mooched about Fowey for a while, we found some impressive shops and had a beer over looking the harbour. nice.

Then we caught the ferry back to Polruan and reclaimed our van.

that the ferry below (orange one)...

The next day, we set of early to see if we could make it down to Lantic Bay. Its a vertical path running down the cliff edge.

to this...

and yes we made it.

we bought a kind of cream tea with us (minus the jam and the tea).
A few seconds later, our cream and strawberry topped scones got a neat even dusting of sand. Then kiddo got sand all over her, mixed with strawberry and then got upset and then got sand up her bum. She does NOT like sand, we have discovered.

I love the rock formations in Cornwall, very sculptural.

After that we headed home to the campsite. The next day we had to pack up and head back to Devon, but we wanted to see the Eden Project before we went. I remember this being built when I was studying in Falmouth, and I always wanted to go. That was about 13 years ago, whaaaaaaatt!

We had to cross the river again, on a little car ferry...

as usual, we headed straight to the cafe first.
I love the highchairs there, they have wheels! what an amazing idea. I am thinking to buy the same one for our home.

oh my gosh it was sweltering hot, and not a day for the baby carrier.

There are two Biomes, one is Rainforest climate and the other is Mediterranean. Needless to say, being a Brit, I nearly passed out in the humidity. Nao says this is what Japan is like most of the time. Crikey.

Anyhows, little'un didnt seem to mind, she was too busy looking around for things she could get her mitts on.

The Eden project is a very special place and one that we should all feel immensely proud of in my opinion.

...also, the shop is amazing!

On the way back through Devon, we stayed one night at the same campsite as before, and then had lunch the Hive Beach Cafe on at Burton Bradstock near Bridport. Another lovely place, however me and Tot were pretty shattered by that time and we had a kip in our breezy van out of the heat.
It was along drive back to London, but now we are home, we realised that the west was actually quite a lot cooler!

the end.

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