colourful triangle quilt

19 April 2013

I made this little bright triangle quilt after being inspired by a picture on pinterest. I dug out some scraps and got to it. I found triangles a little bit more tricky than squares, but I think its because some are cut on the bias, as the scraps were quite small. Anyhow, I don't care if its not perfect, its only going to get puked on, or spattered with carrot (carrot has the staining power of beetroot, a fact I didn't know before becoming a mama).

donkeys years ago, I bought a little orange and pink apron from a flea market, and it had a picture of the Isle of Wight on it (where I'm born and bred). I decided to hack it up, as although it was IOW souvenir, it was quite vile. So there are little snippets of the Island in the quilt, and even my hometown.

Its quite spongy so its great for playing on the floor. 
...Now she has so many quilts! We have one for each chair!

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