spitalfields market

11 November 2012

Our first day at the market with the Bub! Its been so nice to do a few normal things after such a whirlwind of all things baby related. Looking after our daughter is hard work but work which is the most worthwhile thing I've ever done. She is so funny, after all the tears and tantrums, you just look at her little face and all is forgiven ; ) ...

we said hello to Jo, who's stall is my absolute favourite! She had a funny old clockwork seal, which I couldn't resist for my collection.

I found a couple of other bits and bobs, nuffin much.

with Pehr in the carrier and two jumpers over us both, I just look heavily preggo again, ...not the chic mamma I aspired to...oh well.

my clockwork seal, aaaahh....

by the way, I made her that hat the other day, but i think I have already lost it somewhere!

post market refreshments all-round...

I'm liking our new life!
p.s. Hubs took most of these photos, he's a gem x

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