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22 November 2012

Cripes its been a while since my last post, Pehr is over 5 weeks old now. I guess I didn't want to feature our new arrival too much because I kind of got sick of all that baby stuff before I had one! However, it would be a lie to say that she isn't the main feature of our lives now. In fact my life is squeezed into about 2 hourly segments between feeds. This kind of does restrict any creative projects.
However I did manage a bit of sewing here and there. I think Bub likes the whirr of the sewing machine. The first thing I did was to make a new cover for my Boppy cushion {if you don't know what a Boppy cushion is, think yourself lucky, as its now almost an extension of my body}. I got a cheap one thinking it was a load of tosh, just more baby gumpf that you don't need. However, trying to feed for a week I almost got a dead arm, this cushion is a LIFESAVER.

Unfortunately it came with the most hideous pink spotty cover...I hope I haven't offended anyone...lets just say that it didn't fit in with our decor.

more recently, I made up some bibs, to look a bit like scarves, which have different patterns on the reverse.
Since Ive been out and about with Pehr, I'm astonished that every single person/passerby has assumed she is a boy. Simply because she is not in a pink babygrow I guess. It doesn't bother me too much {at first!} but I felt embarrassed for the other person when I tell them he is a girl. Awkward!
I tried to make some snazzy girly bibs, but there are still some boyish ones too. I like to think they are unisex. I made six...

Pehr has yet to discover the delights of sleeping, so nights are long for me. However she does like her musical nightlight and an app on my iphone.
I am willing to try anything!

she has begun smiling at us when we make stupid noises at her. But mostly she just looks at us like...'why am I with these strange people?'
but, the only place Pehr finds true happiness is when she is eating or being carried.

she always drifts off to the land of nod, until I sit down that is.

with all the late nights and feeding, it gets a bit boring at 3am and the like. My new addiction is Internet shopping on my phone,... oh dear.

But generally life is good, we are learning so much about Pehr, and trying to re-shape our lives around this tiny person. I hope to get back to my blog a bit more frequently soon though...

Thanks for hanging in there with me! x

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