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29 September 2012


I've had two lovely days in my shed sewing and pottering about.
I finally put up my new shelf/drawer thing, which I found in Paris flea market for 2 euros {that's like £1.70 right?} My mister repainted it  for me. In the jars are some bits that I also bought at said market. I'm liking those tiny pom poms...I'm sure they will come in handy one day. 

...some new bits from Liberty's.

so, anyways, I was thinking to make a small quilt, never done it before as I heard they can take years to make, and as I am an impatient sew-er, I thought I'd take a few short cuts ; )

this book is quite good, it makes good reference for the different patterned fabrics that Liberty do, and a few nice ideas in there too. The fabrics I used are a bit of a mixture of Liberty print/vintage/Indian etc...

cutting up squares was tedious. The size of the quilt is the exact size of my patience, so it was quite small.

I sewed them all into strips and ironed them flat. I usually give up on sewing projects that involve ironing and pinning, so I'm quite chuffed that I kept going with this.


a quilt for a tot's cot...

on the back is more print fabric and its quite squishy for putting on the floor. Its not perfect but it was made by moi.

I also made a nappy changing wallet thingy.

its made out of wool felt.

 and a pillow to go with the quilt...

and a quilted cushion, with 1930s silk on the back and at the edge...

I'm planning to make some more toys next...I think I'm getting carried away a bit, no?

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