vw campervan - bunks restoration

7 October 2012

Unless you own a vw camper or want to restore one...you will find this post really boring!
A project for this dull autumnal Sunday was to finally get around to renovating our bunk beds that belong in our Camper van. They fit into the sides and fold out thus accommodating kids or 'small adults'.
When we bought our van and stripped out the interior, the bunks were in a terrible state...all the white plastic coating was flaking off the frames, revealing rusty pipes, and the orange fabric, though truly chic in 1978, was not quite in keeping with the rest of the decor we had planned.
Its taken us a year to get around to do this!
I would show you 'before pics' but someone decided that our camera should belong to them instead, and therefore stole it from our car...bastardos! : (
anyways, while Mister got on with re-painting the metal work, I whizzed up the new covers  in my shed.
The fabric is linen based, stripey, and from the Cloth Shop in notting hill.
Cutting them out on the floor was quite a job when heavily prego I can tell you!

I had to double stitch all the seams to make them stronger.

we tried one out to make sure it fits ok...

This will be the view from the top {i.e. the side you don't see, with the seams}

I'd love to show you them fitted back in the van, but one bunk is not dry yet, so it will have to be another day. Just wanted to post these piccies in case the babe turns up, and I might not get the chance for a while ; )


Plimsoll takes full advantage of the soon to be extinct 'peace and quiet' in the flat.

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