first camping trip of 2012!

28 March 2012

Yay! We are having the most glorious heatwave here in the UK...23 degrees in March, its like the best ever present. We hopped off to the Isle of Wight in our van...

first stop was good old Compton, we parked on the edge of the cliff...very nice indeed.

we had an ice cream and I managed to tune in my telly.

at night time we parked outside my mum's flat because we knew that the temperature was going to drop and we needed the electricity cable for our radiator. Once the morning sun hit our van, it was nice and one finds it difficult to get up.

we also went to Yarmouth where one of my brother works in the harbour. He is expecting his first babe in a few weeks...eek! so we are all super excited as there are no kiddies in our family yet.

we popped into the chandlers called Harwoods, and we bought loads of stuff! I got this kids Cornish smock and duffel bag...

and a few things for our van too.

this road is disappearing over the cliff like a lot of the south of the Island, makes me feel a bit sad...but i suppose it will make the beaches bigger??

this is the view when we wake up at my mum's flat.

and this is Seaview, which is also a favourite place.

BUT, its always nice to get home to our crazy cat.

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