finished chair re-upholstery!

5 May 2010

Hoorah, hooray! etc... etc... I finally finished THE chair! and blimey was it a job! I'm not going to lie and say this was easy-peasy, it could quite possibly be the most difficult thing I have ever done and I can't say i would recommend someone to take on this was back breaking.

This chair we bought in the market a few years ago. We liked it's extreme dishevelled look and used it as a display for our jewellery, with stuffing hanging out and all! For the new shop, we are going for an all over upper class we are now selling expensive items, and when customers are purchasing diamond rings, they may need a suitable chair to sit in me thinks?

I used totally impractical fine lawn cotton from Liberty's of course! Jewellery is impractical {that's why we love it, isn't it?} so I think this chair is just right for a jewellery shop.

...and the cushion I made on the weekend was for this chair too!

Although it was hard work and took me three days...I'm very very proud of my little self for managing to at least make a half decent attempt at something I had never broached the like before!
There are a few things I wish I'd done differently, but generally speaking I'm pleased with it.

This was the only picture of the chair I could find before i did anything to it...

and after painting the frame in Farrow & Ball...

...and viola!

you can see the whole story, step by step on my Fickr

BUT, professional up-upholsterers, please don't be too judgemental, i know you will be tutting at every picture!

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