new RUST studio - before pictures!

20 March 2010

I can only show you a few segments of our new RUST studio/shop, because we've show a few people the place in real life and the feedback has not good!
However, Nao and I have a vision that not many other people seem to see,and we are not scared of hard work in order to get it!

The main points of renting a commercial space in London are: position, size and price. All other problems can be overcome. So we have a rear ground floor former jewellery polishing business premises in Hatton Garden. We are going to make it look like a hot house in Kew gardens!

So far, the space has been completely gutted of it's contents, and since we took these photos, it is almost completely repainted white!

It is part of a huge block of 1930s workshops, our one has a separate office space within it, with lovely glass partitioning and a small glass ceiling (covered in pigeon poo and the like).
The previous tenants made it as secure as Fort Knox so we will have to make it a design feature...there is also a huge safe that is 30cm thick!

Progress could not be started until I had eaten my Chedders and apple juice. That suit was made for a huge builder with massive beer gut, it was not a flattering look, and even worse, the paint just soaked straight through it! Rubbish.

Yesterday we ordered a beautiful solid Oak flooring, it will look amazing!
After that we have to tackle the approach, which looks like a post Nuclear bomb site, lovely...

To be continued...

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