New RUST London shop photos!

25 June 2010

Tah Dahhhh!, well, I know there is still lots more to do, like covering up that god awful gas meter for a start! But we had to open up the shop on the 3rd June due to popular demand (we had delayed it a month and a half oops), so, here are many photos, sorry about that! If you get to the bottom, you can see some photos of before (well almost before, it even looked worse than that!) so hopefully you can see why it took us soo long (also trying to run our business as usual at the same time, argh!)

our new Liberty's print collection by the way!

we made a wall of cabinets to hide our work bench area, inside each window are different collections and displays like these...

this is my desk! at which i am sitting at this present moment!
(that phone still don't work though, sniff sniff)

When we first took the workshop, it was still full of the last jewellery repair and manufacturing company's belongings (who apparently did a runner taking every ones jewellery!) which had to be ripped out by the lovely Jack, the Hatton Garden builder. The whole place was caked in jewellers rouge which is a type of red clay, it took several coats of undercoat to get rid of it, very nasty job!
These pictures are after we started painting the worst bits, believe it or not!

This is our office part where Nao and Eiko work, it looks much better now, but still haven't completely unpacked yet so no after pictures I'm afraid!

So if you made it to the end, thanks for looking! I hope you can stop by and say hello (let us know first though as we are often out and about).

Phew, done.

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