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11 December 2009

I went to visit my mum last weekend, she lives on the Isle of Wight where I grew up.
i found bundles of old Box Brownie photos of her and her brothers on holiday at St.Helen's on the Island during the 50s. My mum and her brothers were at boarding schools on the mainland, but spent the holidays with their mum on Isle of wight.
They had a beach hut there...above, at the end is my mum and my two uncles at the other end (not sure who the other people are?)

They were too cool for school!

They had a boat too which I think was called the 'Owl & the Pussy Cat' or something of that nature!

Serious free diving competition?

My mum sporting some fine knitwear and plimsolls, I must have inherited this gene.

She didn't like wearing dresses as a kid but I'm rather liking this one and chic hairdo.

My uncle Steve sadly passed away from cancer in his early 40s, but I like to remember him like this, motocross styley! Steve McQueen or what!

Going back nearly 100 years, this is my Grandma and her mum + brother in 1915!

It looks like it could have been taken yesterday, i love those button-up boots, and those cheeks! who would have thought she'd look like this...

Looks like a movie star but she was actually a nurse/mid-wife most of her life.

And what about this pair of urchins! That's me and my youngest brother (I'm the one with the hat by the way!).
So that's a few family photos, not many men in there, as both my Mum & Grandma were divorced, but plenty of brothers!

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