XMAS 2022

28 December 2022

A yuletide post! The weather is pretty wet and grim outside right now, although we can't complain when the US and Canada is under a ton of snow. A little bit of snow would be nice though!
We have had a delightful xmas. Baking and eating basically. I have been run off my feet this month so now I'm being extremely lazy, and maybe I have eaten too much.

The dog loves to sleep in the kitchen when we are cooking or eating, as little bits come accidentally raining down and happen across her wide open mouth. Just by accident of course (look at that face!). She is particularly fond of vegetable scraps and tiny bits of cheese.

I love P's biscuits especially that fox.

We just had four of us + dog for xmas dinner (we have a big family dinner beforehand) which is perfect.
I'm still recovering from all the pastry I have consumed.

Very happy with my poached pears with caramel sauce I made, tasted really good!

Otter was very happy with her new toys too, although I may have to remove the squeakers as they are driving me nuts!

I hope you've all had a great xmas and are ready for 2023 with full bellies and a cupboard full of booze ; )
It will be just me and the hound as the kids will be away, which is sort of good in a way as I am planning to gut their room to fit in their new toys. 
After that I'll be back at the jewellery bench with some new designs I'm excited about. I have been sourcing some new stones which I had planned to add before xmas but in the end I was too busy. I'll be doing some wax carving too for a new collection.
I will post some pictures here when they are ready!

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2023 xxx


  1. Beautiful photos as usual and I love that Otter has fitted in so perfectly to your family and celebrated her first Christmas with you. Enjoy your time with just you and dog, it can be magical. All the very best for the New Year. xx

  2. Anonymous28.12.22

    How wonderful you made Christmas for everyone! Thanks for sharing snippets of your magical life with us all. Happy New Year 2023 from Ireland 🍀🎄💚

  3. Anonymous28.12.22

    So lovely, as your posts always are. How you manage to curate such beauty with 2 kids at home (I also have 2, and find it impossible!). Hope you enjoy the rest of the festive period x

  4. Ah a beautiful lazy Christmas filled with yummy treats and wonderful holiday traditions. You deserve nothing less.

  5. Anonymous29.12.22

    Wonderful atmosphere in your home. Fortunate to have kitchen helpers! Love this gentle week before the new year.

  6. nathalie30.12.22

    Always a real pleasure to see your gorgeous photos and especially at Christmas, with your endless creativity, I know you had a great Christmas and now I wish you a fabulous, joyful, happy New Year 2023.

  7. Anonymous31.12.22

    Looks so cosy! I wish my Christmas Day was the same 🥲


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