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26 December 2021

Happy Christmas everyone! We have had a really lovely time here in our new home, feeling very stuffed and very grateful. I cooked dinner for my kids and mum and eldest brother, which was a little nerve wracking because my mum is an amazing cook and also because I'm a vegetarian and they are not. Fear not because they already had pre-xmas meaty dinner the week before.
Me and the kids did quite a lot in the preperation regarding decorations and food, but I still managed to find cooking a bit of a learning curve.

I made gravy the week before (and froze it). Pehr and I made shortbread biscuits to go with the pudding too.

Leify decorated some biscuits too.

I ordered a dining table which arrived just in time, My living room is quite big so I can arrange the furniture around a big table (it folds down half size too). Really handy!
I decorated it with some dried grasses we found at Newtown Creek, and a gold moon and stars I made very quickly.

The stars are just gold stickers stuck on florists wire.

We made very buttery mince pies with added fresh fruit in them. In fact I have consumed a bit too many already, I am refuelled until about mid-june 2022.

I made mushroom and cheese pies for dinner (like always) and poached pears with ice cream and shortbread biscuits for puddling.

It has been a monumental year for me (and us) this year. Mainly the most significant thing has been to establish a new career and income to support us financially. The most scary thing in the world. Amazingly it has been going very well and we have not had to change our life very much and have had all the same things we are used to. I could give my children a lovely xmas which is wonderful.
Earlier in the year we also bought a new home after much lengthy anticipation and worry, at the very last moment it all came good and the house move went through just two days before my mortgage offer expired, phew!
We have had lockdown and home schooling and covid and redecoration thrown in too, as well as running a business. I. am. tired. but in a good way.
I'm so thankful and proud of this year and what I have achieved for us, I just need to maintain myself mentally and keep going, as it has been tough and draining and scary, and I have found myself spending days on end cocooned in my duvet when the kids are away, even afraid to poke my nose out of it.
I have lost a dear friend and family member, Marie, so suddenly in May. Her loss has rocked us all to the core, but most importantly her partner - my brother who has been through so much.

What a year, I cannot believe it has been just one. But, all on my list this time last year has been ticked off at least.
I will make a new list for the coming year, and it will be more about keeping us happy and safe. I am saving up for a holiday and transforming our little patch of garden in the spring, and taking life easy for a bit.
Check in with me this time next year and see if I have kept to my word!

Wishing you all a very safe, peaceful and healthy New Year, I think we all deserve it! xxx


  1. Anonymous26.12.21

    You all deserved a wonderful Christmas after the year you have had. You are an amazing woman, and an awesome parent- your children are a testament to that
    Christmas here has been muted. On the 30/11 we were told the devastating news that my husband has terminal cancer. I know you have had a dreadful bereavement this year, so know Marie would have been much in your thoughts
    Sometimes I think the tragedy of being human is that we know it will end one day,
    And not at a time of our choosing
    Have an amazing 2022
    Mary x

    1. Mary, Sorry to hear your news. Know that a stranger is saying prayers for you and your husband and family.

  2. Your home always looks so gorgeous! I LOVE the black candle sconce on the wall behind the dining table!
    I tried to put the little candle clips on my tree this year but... I'm a wuss, I guess. I'm so afraid of a fire! Actually, I'm afraid of lighting dinner candles at all, even in stands on the mantle or table or in a wall sconce. I admire your willingness to burn them; they are gorgeous!

  3. veg artist26.12.21

    Artemis, I have been reading your blog for years and years, and I have to say I am full of admiration for the way you have worked your way through this last year. Your children are delightful and you provide a wonderful example to them.
    Wishing you all the best for next year, may it happen just as you want.

  4. I have followed you since 2010 when I happened to stumble across this beautiful blog. I have loads of admiration for you and what you continue to persevere through. You uphold what you value and it radiates through the life you choose to live. Yes some days you may lie cocoon in bed as you try to muster strength to push through the lows... But through it all you have kept that most beautiful light of yours shining!

  5. Anonymous26.12.21

    Happy xmas Artemis. What a lovely feast to commemorate a good, hard year. I'm always admiring you from afar. I am so sorry for the loss of Marie.
    Another Marie

  6. Beautiful as always, your creativity and ability to make absolutely everything look lovely is so inspiring. I wish you and your family an amazing year ahead xx

  7. Artemis, your Christmas lovelies shine so pretty in their golden glow. So happy for you and your family to have a peaceful celebration. It must be hard for your brother and family to navigate the holidays without Marie. Having such nice gatherings must help lift the spirits and you are so generous to pull out the stops to create it for them. Blessings on 2022!

  8. What a delightful post. I love your Christmas table, the decorations are magical. I am glad you had a good Christmas and I hope 2022 is good for you xxx

  9. So sorry for your loss. Loss at this crazy time in this world only is magnified. I have followed your blog and the re-building of your life. You are an amazing person and mother. Cheers to happiness and health in the new year. May God bless you and your beautiful children.

  10. Ps, my cozy bed is the best place to be, always...bliss!

  11. Anonymous28.12.21

    Wow - you write so beautifully, decorate so beautifully and photograph your home so beautifully. Your honesty and strength shine through. Wishing you and your family the happiest of times in 2022.

  12. It all looks beautiful and a lovely end to what has been a tough year for you in so many ways. Here's to the New Year and all that it will hopefully bring for us all.

    Wishing you continued success with the business and a happy family life, you have made a wonderful home for your little ones.

  13. Everything you do is so beautiful and amazing. You have done an incredible job with your children and the house and you are an inspiration!! I have no doubt you'll accomplish everything you set your mind to in 2022. Praying for a happy, healthy year for all of you!!

  14. I just love the wonderful warm twinkling-ness of your home, such a restorative good feeling emanates whenever I view your life in images - thank you for sharing. The children will always remember such occasions with real happiness and I do hope that despite the tough year your family has had to deal with (big virtual hugs) you can all look forward. Happy Happy New Year!

  15. Anonymous29.12.21

    May 2022 be relaxing and easy for you and your loved ones ! Marcella

  16. I saw the work of an amazing paper artist at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle today and her work reminded me of you.....this piece is all about growing up on the island of Jersey. Maybe you know her work? If not, then I think you will like it. Happy new year!


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