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27 April 2018

During the Easter school holidays we had a little trip up to London in our van.
After a few weeks of health scare (that turned out not to be quite as scary thank goodness) I was feeling the need for some adventure. 
We boarded the ferry on a delightful calm evening crossing to the mainland in our beloved green van, and then proceeded through the New Forest, to the motorways to London.

I thought I'd show you a few different types of markets in London, all of which we visit a lot when we are there, and always there is something new to see.

Camden Passage, Angel, is more like a little street with very nice cafes and some interesting shops.
There are a few vintage stalls here on saturdays. It's a great part of London that feels very Londoney, if you get my meaning.

Not too far from where we used to live in East Dulwich, is Herne Hill. On sundays there is a nice little local market selling handmade clothes, ceramics, vintage, plants, local food and ethically sourced goods from around the world.

...and Isle of Wight garlic ; )

Unfortunately it absolutely tipped down as soon as we arrived but we were lucky to find a free table in a really nice cafe in the train station, made out of one of the arches.

(this girl, honestly)

Be warned, the exquisite baby clothes will make you want another baby (or dress your boy toddler in quilted Liberty print three sizes too small)

Yes I did buy those two white bowls I'm holding.

Pottery to die for (I have the name of this maker somewhere, when I find it I will edit in *HERE*)


An undercover market, which is mostly little shops and many amazing things to see and eat here!

Beautiful Moroccan slippers, rugs, cushions and candles...

(P inside a macrame lampshade)

Brixi - a very inspiring shop!

Just blown away by these little animals!

I have been wanting to visit Botanique's new shop since it opened recently. 

Full of everything botanical and curious, amazing!

Cornercopia - Homewares. I bought some beautiful blush coloured candles : )

I should add here that I do also frequent the west-end. Particularly love visiting West Elm and the art department of Paperchase.


Always love coming here, its HUGE so be prepared. We brought this folding trolley which was great for putting the kids in. It starts early and finishes at noon.

This crane (£20) was actually for Mr Leafy who played with it the whole time we were at the market.

Couldn't resist this little parrot.

Cars of his dreams, but sadly (and thankfully as we have no space for such items) out of our budget.

P got some vintage Beatrix Potter books with lovely gold edges.

I bought than 1930s quilt : )

Mr Leafy got that truck puzzle of course.

and some other bits and bobs.

Not a market, obviously but a first visit here. It's a beautifully curated garden centre within the railway arches at Nunhead, south-east London. Suggested by an Instagram follower, thank you!!

SOO happy with my plant and pot finds here : )

Not a market either, but all Londoners will be familiar with this huge modernist development.
We just came to meet up with some friends and it's a great child friendly place with lots of space to run around and adventure (be careful of the waters edge though, you'll see what I mean).

Very nice cafes and shops, uh oh...

Shop of my dreams.

Not really a market anymore, but a lively street with amazing cafes, restaurants and street food.
And it's home to another Botanique shop!
We come here a lot because it is just down the road from our workshop!
There is a lovely park running sort of parallel to the street, and P and Mr Leafy's favourite play ground.

I hate getting dizzy but the kids seem to find it funny?

Always, always love coming here since maybe 14 years? 
It's a bit of a mix of expensive and fair priced antiques and vintage on Thursdays. I usually find something I love for just a few pounds...but mostly I just love the atmosphere and looking around. We park just off Brick Lane, and the kids usually like having lunch at Leon in the market. There is also a Flying Tiger shop which is Little P's favourite shop. It's all under a roof too!

Mr Leify happy with his finds...the corgi truck with lift is brilliant, £5 and the flat bed lorry was £3...but when he's grown up they might be worth more!

I also found some nice bits and bobs.

That concludes our London trip. Thank you for reading! x

(thank you to my mister Nao, for taking all these photos : )

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