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14 January 2018

It's not often that I manage to get the kids in the same picture or even dressed at the same time, so I feel this is quite an achievement. I took these photos one very dreary morning, in fact it was a late breakfast/early lunch of cheese and pickle toasties. Before which, P entertained us to her dance from Moana soundtrack. We then went out to town.

Since Mr Leafy was about two months old, he picked up one of P's cars, and that was that...his passion for cars and anything with wheels is beyond anything I can understand. He is mesmerised by them, but also seems to gain comfort from them. He does like other things like animals, instrument and drawing...but he always comes back to his cars. It's strange but fascinating.
We don't go crazy with car bed linen or car underpants etc... but he does have a LOT of cars now, as well as his beloved 'Encyclopaedia of Vehicles' which I have to pretend to be interested in E V E R Y D A Y.

Little P was never so obsessed with anything in particular, she liked a broad range of things, but I guess she is mostly drawn to anything creative. She was quite early to pick up a pen and start scribbling. She will always chose to make something if she has an opportunity.
She is also keen on dancing, which she shows a deep feeling for the music when she dances. It's all about the 'performance' and we are always offered snacks before she starts the music.

I had Mr Leafy when P was three and a half, so she was old enough to be fully aware of what was happening, and be quite involved in the whole baby thing. Even though she definitely and completely wanted a girl, she decided that she did not want to send him back to the hospital and was quite happy to keep him. 

She loves him 'all around the moon, up to the sun and back to earth again' (her words)

For his first birthday, she bought him a car from the newsagant.
When we go anywhere, she holds his hand.

In the winter we eat breakfast and lunch in the living room because it is warmer and cosier than our dinning room (that has large glass doors to the garden). They always sit on their own chairs at the coffee table to eat. 
Mr Leafy sometimes finishes P's leftovers when she's not looking.

Mr Leafy always eats his veg first, and P always eats her veggies last.

She always shares her 'goodies' with him no matter how small it is, and My Leafy does the same in return.
They do get on really well at the moment, unless Leafy interrupts her making project, or if P picks up one of his cars.
Then it's like two alley cats hissing over a fish bone.

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