first camp of 2017

20 May 2017

We had a little trip out with our caravan the other weekend. Just to a very local campsite. It has been in storage at a nearby farm, and needed a bit of a dust off and sort out of all our equipment etc...We have still yet to get our gas cooker sorted so we are still using our temporary one. Except that, it is all ready for the summer.

Mr Leafy was just about 4 months old when we had our first camping trip in this, so I don't think he remembered it much. He loved it!...and as for P, well she was physically hugging the caravan when it rolled up outside our house!

The baby floor chair thingy was a life saver in the van, perfect for containing one very messy tot.

My beloved antique linen pillow case has come to rest in the caravan as it is full of holes : (

We could only stay for one night due to P's Pre-school and a very poor weather forecast, but we did manage a trip to the other side of the Island, Ventnor Botanic Gardens (a big fave of ours) and Steephill Cove for some tea and cake.

There will be more camping updates coming shortly as I think we are going camping in about a weeks time!


  1. Looks like so much fun and such a cozy time together. I have the camping bug as well and cannot WAIT for the weather to be conducive to has been a cold and rainy spring so far, but we'll definitely get out there in June.

  2. Beautiful... We are looking forward to our first family camp of the year

  3. Artemis - I am always so touched by the simple and beautiful life you have created for your family. I don't know of a more lovely childhood than the one you are giving your children! I could weep at the beauty of it...

  4. We must be in a parallel universes or something! The last time I came across your blog you had just finished your campervan and at the same time we were converting a Bongo people carrier into a camper. And now I've just seen your lovely caravan. We're putting the finishing touches to a 12ft 1979 Abi Ace Award and going camping in July and August. I'm just in the process of covering the seating. I've put a visit to the Isle of Wight and a visit to your shop on my bucket list of things to do. Not sure if the old van will make it from the West Country but she rolled along alright last summer so.... Carry on the good work and inspiration. Fantastic photos you take, you must have a decent camera or a decent eye. Blessings Barbara


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