27 November 2016

little interiors

It is nearly December now and the days are getting very short indeed. I have been sorting out our house as much as I can, buying new storage furniture and rearranging things a bit.
Little P has also been busy with some interiors. I have been gradually collecting things for this dolls house (which I found second hand and painted). We've both been having a lot of fun with it, and she keeps saying 'don't you wish you could go in there?'...yup.

She was particularly taken with the tiny broom and dustpan I found.

Good old fashioned fun 😂


  1. Awesome doll house! Wish I could shrink myself!

  2. I always wanted a doll house. I love miniatures. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in my small house, and I 'd never have the time to work on it, anyway...

  3. Artemis do you have a mailing address? I would absolutely LOVE to send you a few Christmassy pieces for your doll house, I think you and P would really like them :) let me know! xo

  4. So sweet. Do you know the book The Borrowers? P's dollhouse reminded me of it...I loved that book when I was a kid. My mom and dad played along, for years leaving "signs" of a Borrower family living in our house...it was a lot of fun for my little brother and me. I could see you doing the same for P. :)

  5. I remember you had a similar dolls' house beautifully decorated with a woodland theme. I have one from when the boys were little and I was desperate for someone to want a dolls' house. I never decorated it although it was quite nicely furnished. I'm afraid some mice moved in so the dolls didn't fare so well. Now I have brought it out again for grand daughter and she enjoys playing with it but I think it could do with a refurb!