six months old

30 September 2016

We had a little celebration at our house this week. One, I had tidied the house. Two, our son turned 6 months old! I've mentioned it many a times on my blog, but I had a rather difficult pregnancy (birth was fine though I should say)...all was okay with the tot, but I fared rather worse and it is only now that I am starting to feel more like myself again. I can't really express how happy that makes me feel. Watching my little boy grow up so happy and contented and feeling better in myself at the same time is really rewarding. Gradually getting our house back in order is equally as rewarding : )
I never thought I could manage to love yet another human this much, but yes, it is possible...

Of course I am a soppy old twit, so I couldn't help to buy him his first book for his half-way birthday.
His sister opened is for him naturally...

The relationship between the two tots is fascinating to see. He loves watching her and she always gets the biggest laughs out of him. She cuddles him too much, retracts any toys which she thinks may be harmful to him, and she goes all gooey when he smiles at her.

Another milestone is the sitting up business, which was a surprise because he did not show any inclination until the day he turned 5 months old, then just sat up as if he always could. Maybe he was playing a little trick on us.
He is not bothered about rolling yet though, he will probably do that once he is walking ; )

I ordered a new high chair that fits our dining table better (it's imaginatively called 'ibaby' for those who are wondering). As I'm sure all parents out there will relate, it is so nice when they can finally join the family at the dinner table, ahhh....

He's been having his porridge in the mornings and some puree with rice, but this was the first actual food he had to practice with in his high chair. Steamed broccoli (which he did actually eat a bit of)...

and some chunks of apple that he enjoyed sucking.

But, he WILL fit in this basket until the day he goes to school.

So I have been decluttering the house which got into a right old state during this year...the teepee has been well used and is a nice place for both tots to chill out and play hide from the monster.

I have enjoyed faffing with plants and lighting as many candles as possible. It is still too warm for the fire, but the candle light is very healing. As is Poldark that is on every sunday night, hooray!! ; )

This area is the most fatal place in our house, it's like the local dump...coats, shoes, bags, random things that have no home...argh! this is even after tiding...

In the living room I painted the floor in a light grey (previously white). It is the same colour as in our shop so we are very familiar with it. I repainted the walls, skirting boards and fireplace too!

So we are feeling much more civilised at our house now, it's good to focus on home and family life sometimes, which ironically can get forgotten about, but is actually the most important bit of my life.
Happy October everyone! x


  1. Lovely post (as always)!

  2. Aw he's lovely, he seems such a happy little boy. This is a kick up the bum for me, as we need desperately to get our coat/shoe area ready before autumn really kicks in - now we're coming 'in' more, it's time to sort the house out.

  3. I really love your home. It always looks incredibly cosy, in whatever state. ;)
    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

  4. Your lovely blog always gives me so much pleasure. Your children are so beautiful and the photograph of your little boy with the broccoli stalk is just priceless!

  5. Loved your blog post...well, I love them all! Baby is growing so fast and he looks like his sister! Both beautiful children and parents..well done! Your tidying looks house needs that!

  6. Gorgeous photos. Six months is a lovely age. Sitting up and not yet getting into trouble :) the grey floor colour is lovely.

  7. So glad you're feeling better!! Thanks for continuing to post even when not feeling 100%. Both kiddos looking wonderful (the house too) and so obviously well and happy! Can't believe how big P. is now and L's adorable. Have a gorgeous October!!

  8. Are you all eating lined up in a row facing the wall? It looks like it from the pictures. Kinda weird to me... I love your pictures and blog so much though that our next holiday destination will be The Isle of Wight. Can't wait!!!!

    1. Goodness. It's a very big table so we end up using only one half. Many apologies ­čśé

  9. Hello! I always love your decorating style and your outings! I was wondering if the fox print is available for purchase somewhere. It is lovely!

  10. Such a beautiful life you have. x

  11. Leif is so adorable! Have you heard of IKEA? They have shoe cabinets you might consider, to help with your situation, I am always looking forward to your blog posts, thank you for sharing!


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