sleeping on a clifftop

23 July 2016

There has been a little heatwave here in the UK in the last week, and so amidst the mayhem that is our life right now, we snuck out with our tent and went camping for a few days at a local campsite situated on the edge of a cliff.

From the campsite there is a little pathway that descends to a very remote beach, mostly pebble but with sand at low tide. There is a chine that runs into the sea here, and it creates the perfect place for littluns to play in the stream of fresh water.

The campsite itself (Grange Farm) is quite a popular one, and so it does get really busy. I personally am not a massive fan of the layout and perfect lawn, but the location and views are definitely worth it! Out of season this place must be amazing right on the edge of the cliff (bit breezy though).
There is a well stocked shop, and a great playground that is a big hit with all the littles.

It's little L's first time camping and amazingly he slept 12 hours straight through the night! (I think our daughter was the same too). He loves looking around at all that's going on, so being in a busy campsite was perfect for him. We bought along the little tepee and bouncy chair so that he could sit outside without getting sun stroke.

Our caravan is very nearly finished (sadly not in time for the heatwave!) so hope to get out and about in that too. We are working our backsides off to get it done, needless to say, we are knackered, but SO excited!!


  1. Really excited to see your caravan once it's all finished! Little man is looking more and more like his big sister! x

  2. Awesome Blog, as usual! The kids are growing! Loved the first pic of Pehr with the bandaide hanging off her knee! The great adventurer for sure.

  3. It's fun because your baby boy is half English and half Japanese...but in that picture he's dressed as a French boy! :)
    I SO want your campervan, and I cannot wait for the new caravan, I'm pretty sure I'll want that one too.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Please tell us where you got your teepee

  5. Beautiful pics of family life. Really looking forward to seeing what you've done with the van.

  6. Can't wait to see what you have done to your caravan. Please post pictures!!

  7. These photos are recording a very special time and place. I'm stuck inside this year and your photos are helping me (vicariously ) to enjoy a wonderful area. Thank you.

  8. It'a beautiful spot. We took a walk down there on a visit home a couple of years ago. I do miss the Island so much - it's lovely maintaining a link to it via your blog x


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