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23 March 2016

Amazingly, I managed to roll off the sofa and make this cape for the littlun. She has been badgering me about it for a while now, I did intend to make one for her birthday last October, but alas, morning sickness struck me down. 'but Mum, I NEED a super hero cape!!!'
I made it whilst she was out with my mister, it was a tad stressful to be honest because she is getting a bit fussy.

but, hooray! she loves it! She has been running around everywhere, saving slugs etc...

I don't have much in the way of plain fabric in my shed, only this cotton, which is a sort of chartreuse (?) colour, and I added some white cotton in between. It's always good to have some gold sequin fabric and colour felt handy I have discovered ; )

I lined the inside with some white cotton jersey fabric, and I added some little straps with poppers to avoid that strangling feeling you get from capes that tie at the neck. The ribbon is more for decoration.

The poppers are so that I can easily alter the size of the straps at a later date (depending how many years of her life she wants to be a super hero)

Besides that, we have also getting in the spring mood, by painting these wooden eggs in the garden and having picnics and consuming the cakes that we have been making.

So I hope to have baby news with in the next couple of weeks (sigh...) until then I'll just roll around, moaning and trying to entertain a three year old! ; )

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