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16 February 2016

This post is long over due as I made these things for the baby on the same day as the mobile in my last post ages ago! Our jewellery business has been super busy since xmas which has coincided with me being 9 months pregnant, not that I'm complaining! Also, my mister had to make a trip to Japan at short notice so I didn't get much of a chance to do many hobby related things with work and childcare duties taking priority.
However, I did made these star and moon cushions. The moon is made from pure wool felt, and the star is made from a crazy gold fabric I found on ebay. I like the way they sort of 'hug' each other, totally accidental of course!

The other day I moved this little cupboard into our titchy living room and discover that the changing mat fitted on top perfectly...

also, by lucky hap, I had this little rack left over from the shop (I used them to hold our cards in) I had already painted them the same colour as the cupboard luckily and it fitted neatly on the side to hold all the baby stuffs, handy innit!!

I made a wooden hanger for this print (I found in Tigerlily Quinn's shop which I think has since closed sadly). Not usually that keen on cute pictures, but I sort of fell for this one...and our littlun loves it ; )

I bought a moses basket and stand (SO cheap, like £30 for the set??) and customised it a bit with ribbon and pom poms (I think I was getting a bit carried away at this point). little whale was left unsold at the shop, so it now lives at home with's got a squeaker inside!

I also found this nice soft little quilt in H&M of all places...looks like a starry sky to me...

AND, (sorry this post is a bit more in depth than it need be!!) I made a portable nappy changing kit. I remember the delights of poo explosions on the ferry/motorway/pub/beach these things are permanently 'with you' wherever you go. I bought one last time which was a bit annoying to use and not very padded either. I made this one super squidgy, with a big pocket for wipes and spare clothes and nappies etc... I used some clear vinyl type fabric over some nice patterned fabric (all from ebay as usual) so it's proper waterproof on the inside and inside the pocket too. It was a bit tricky to sew it all together hence it's wonky appearance, but do I care? nope.

The stars on this fabric are actually metallic gold, snazzy eh?

So thats me all ready, packed my hospital bag already! Just overnight essentials,

...and tons of these Japanese pain relief!!! ; )...

Can't believe I got AGES to go yet, I am so desperate to have this baby now (can you tell??!!!) so that I can resume my life again. I am literally uncomfortable 24 hours a day with all manner of ailments. As 'beautiful' as pregnancy is, it is blimmin' HARD work and you are left with very little dignity! ; ) 
Finding it so much worse the second time around : ( 

By the way, when I was in my pom-pom-tastic overdrive, I made some for our daughter too, I think she likes them, but she has learnt that, to be polite gets you treats, so I'm never sure whether to trust her compliments these days.

Going out for nice walks or chasing our littlun around the house is a thing of the past in the last few months as I have the mobility and stamina of an 85 years old lady. 
Making biscuits was a rare activity I managed with the littlun in-between movie marathons and chain watching kids programs. My mister made these amazing cutters for her xmas pressie, they are made out of solid silver and each one is hallmarked and spells out her name! We made some choccie biccies with them...

and some more biscuits to eat whilst watching telly.

Lastly, we just wanted to say a HUGE (belated) thank you to Gilly and Great Uncle Charlie for the delivery of Frank the Koala all the way from Australia! I never saw her more excited to receive something in the post. Frank (although she calls him Frankie (??) has knocked Buzz Lightyear off the top spot for fave toy ranking. Frank gets the pillow
I'm sure she will be saving some lives (of dead jelly fish) with her beach patrol T shirt in the summer too!

That's it peeps! I have a back log of posts to get through if I can, as Nao has been taking the nipper on day trips and taking SO many nice pictures it would be a shame not to share them...until then...

I'm in hibernation mode till D-day.


  1. Even if you have the mobility and stamina of an 85 year old, you still manage to make more things than me!! And I don't have children, or a husband, nothing!! I'm so excited for the new baby...

  2. Lovely items for baby! You are brilliant! Well, you're nine months, so you are almost there! Good going! Pehr sure looks happy with her Koala bear! Her silver cookie cutters are amazing! I've never had...and probably never will...a solid silver cutter! She loves to bake, too, so a perfect present. You all three are amazing. Can't wait to meet #4!

  3. I love your posts so much! I remember how desperate I was with my second. I ate a whole pineapple in one night! Good news was she came on her due date (my first was 10 days late!!!!) Best of luck...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi. These are lovely. Where do you buy your Muslins please ?

  5. Bless you! I hope delivery goes easily and quickly, and that you are a wondrous family of four back in your cozy home soon.

  6. The star cushion! So sweet...

  7. Loved that post, your makes are so cute. Best of luck, it is a beautiful thing being pregnant but oh the relief when baby finally makes their appearance!

  8. Best wishes for your next few days/'re nearly there! It's tough at the end for sure. Loved all the baby crafts - how did you find the energy?? XXX

  9. So great to see all the gorgeous things you have made for your new baby and also a picture of your little girl. All the best when the time gets a bit much at the end I know !

  10. Wow I think you are incredibly productive, all the little items you made are just wonderful which just goes to show you can't beat hand made. xx

  11. Good luck lovely lady! Can't wait to hear all about your exciting times ahead xx


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