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21 January 2016

We had a lovely week in London last week, it wasn't really planned but because both me and my mister needed to go to London on business at the same time, we had to make it a family trip. It's not always easy juggling work with a toddler, but we did get to spend some time together and do Londony things.

Whilst randomly looking for a parking spot, we ended up in Canonbury and found this nice little cafe. Can't remember what it was called, but there also was one of my fave actresses having lunch there too, which was a bit surreal. Me and the nipper had french toast with berries and maple syrup.

Another parking spot find...been seeing a lot of this bike company in magazines and such, we happened to park in front of Tokyobike shop. Full of super uber smart cycling goods that will make you want to cycle instantly.

We loved these kids bikes...

...but her scooter is the winner by far, the perfect vehicle for getting about the west end.

We also crammed in a little trip to the market. I don't have the stamina for being on my feet for long periods, but somehow managed to see all the market without going into early labour ; ) 

and yes, we bought ANOTHER old bike for our collection (!)

Whilst I was at work, Nao took the nipper to the Assay office which is at St.Pauls. Every single piece of our jewellery is stamped here, otherwise it is treason and we have our heads chopped off.

After a bit of playground action whilst I got some orders sorted, we met up at a local cafe where I learnt a new trick...

...and we found another happy accident! Falconware shop, ...actually just a showroom : (

On a different day we went for a little nostalgic trip to where we used to live in South London. We've been coming to this cafe for years, since when me and my mister first met in fact! about 13 ish years ago

This area has been gentrified somewhat, with trendy butchers and grocers, but it very much an improvement!

We had tea and cake at another old favourite cafe and enjoyed a spot of colouring.

Before we drove home, we decided to take the littlun to the Natural History Museum to see the gigantic dinosaur skeleton (she LOVES huge museums!) 

...and dinosaurs!!!

We had a look at the minerals room which I'd never seen before. I loved the Victorianous of it, and the fact that a lot of the minerals come from Britain.
Our nipper suddenly got a taste for photography and took a whole batch of photos of rocks...

We loved the shop there, and played with pretty much everything in it. However all she wanted was an egg shaped agate stone, which she thought was a real dinosaur egg (which we said would actually hatch if she kept to warm). On the way out, she was adamant that she wanted to give it to the huge dinosaur so it could have a baby, I had to explain that there are dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight too, she could give it to one of them instead. We narrowly averted an incident with museum security, phew.

Off on our way to Lymington to catch the ferry, we had to stop by a certain car mechanic to pick up a new gear box for our Morris, Nao took some photos (because he loves this kind of place ; )

From the market, we bought some things for displaying in our shop...

Blimmin LOVE this bottle, and very old match box with matches still in it!

Lots of old pots and fish paste jars for flowers or candle making perhaps.

Some woodworm (with complimentary wooden crate)

We both fell in love with this little bicycle, and convinced ourselves that we could use it for shop display. Once I'm not melon shaped, I'll be swanning about the town on this, singing French songs and pretending that I'm Amelie ; )

Back home, and back to work. January is usually a very quite month for us business wise, but this month has started with a bang and been full on. No time to get much baby related nesting done yet sadly. 
However, I got one day this week that I could just do sewing and I have made all kinds of things for the new baby (mostly decorative things) and I intend to sort out our bedroom and put up the cot, and make things all nice for the soon as I can get the energy going!

p.s. A lot of peeps are asking me about diamond rings...if you are one of them, yes we sold out a lot of rings but we are working on a new batch of rings to be available online from the end of next week. Keep an eye on our Rust Facebook and Instagram for updates!


  1. Loved Pehr's expression when she saw the museum dinosaur! That kid is so cute! Also loved the new bike!
    Hope you get some rest soon! Take care of yourself!

  2. Lovely photos as always. And I love that the toy dinosaur went to see the big one at the NHM. Would you mind sharing which market you went to? It looks great for a day out. Thanks

  3. May I ask what satchel bag you have on the 9th picture from the top? It looks like the bag I have been looking forever!
    Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I get London memories while watching these. I loved the way how the cafeteria and restaurant interiors had been decorated. Also the way of decorating little shops was inspiring. In London one can just wander around and get so many new ideas.

  5. Love the pic of Pehrs expression in the museum, pure joy!

  6. That picture of Pehr at the museum made me smile...she's getting cuter and cuter.

  7. That face! What a cutie... I would love a plate rack like the one just under Misters backpack at the market! Which actress, and weren't you tempted to try and sneak a shot?

  8. Beautiful pictures. I'm going to London for a weekend soon your pics make me very excited!

  9. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your beautiful life! I love how you are teaching your daughter how to appreciate all the small and large wonders of this world! I love how you are also encouraging her artistic expression - which I can see gives her confidence!

  10. I just found your blog and I'm really loving your posts. Your camping photos look divine. I was wondering what the market was that you want to in London. Always looking for new markets to explore. Many thanks.

  11. Wonderful post - beautiful capture in the museum! What market is this? It looks fantastic!

  12. you didn't see audrey tatou did you?? haha

  13. love the bike, i'd have bought it for the little flag alone! Also which market were you at, if you don't mind me asking! Love Pehr expression in the museum, I remember going when I was her age and seeing the Blue Whale!

  14. I have been following your beautiful blog for some time now. Although I don't leave comments I have decided to today. You inspire me with your creativity and I love the beautiful pictures you post of your life and family. Please continue to do so. I sometimes fret over bloggers like you I fear will go private at some point. I would miss your blogging if you should ever decide to do so. Come on over to my blog and take a visit if you'd like. Keep up the wonderful blogs! I can be found at


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