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31 December 2015

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you have a fantastic 2016.
I wrote a post on this day last year, and mentioned how I was happy with the way things were and just wanted to maintain it. Well we ended up gaining another shop and another child on the way, so things certainly didn't stay as they were! Anyhow, it was a good year, not without it's worries and anxieties but they all seem to have come good in the end (mostly!).
This year we will have some big decisions to make...and I will be working and having a baby at the same time, not sure how that will work out!
Our littlun has become a funny and very sociable little person, always the entertainer and adventurer.
This pregnancy has not been an easy one. The morning sickness lasted a good four months, and lots of other uncomfortable side effects this time around. All is healthy though, so I'll grin and bear it, and try to think how it will all be but a vague memory once the baby comes ; )

Our xmas tree has now gone, and I managed a good spring cleaning of downstairs (I tackle the upstairs tomorrow)
Where the xmas tree was, I am planning to make a daytime baby area, with moses basket and changing mat. Our house is very small upstairs, but the baby will sleep in our room for the first six months at least.
Anyway, the corner of our living room is occupied by our daughter's toys (like everywhere else in the house!). I gave her this vintage pull along toy for xmas, but Buzz Lightyear is by far her fave!

Today I made a wooden hanger for this poster I bought a while ago. I thought it would be prefect for spring. As soon as xmas is over, it is spring to me!

The weather has been mild but very stormy here. My mister and tot did manage some walks to the woods and I took her for a blustery walk on the beach, but mostly we've been tucked up at home, in front of the fire.

Best wishes everyone! xxx


  1. Happy new year to you all, your blog remains a lovely escape for me when my own tiddler is tucked up in bed and your jewellery is always on my Xmas/bday wish lists, haha. All the best for 2016 xx

  2. Happiest of New Years to the soon-to-be four of you! I was in the same boat some 20-odd years ago, miserable pregnancy and all. Hard to keep your eye on the prize when you feel like you've had a terrible flu for nine months! Looking back, my worries were profoundly minimized the moment my little daughter held her wee brother for the first time! I'd forgotten the exquisite magic a new baby brings into every single moment. Somehow, the world, and the heart, expands immeasurably in ways you'd never expect. We lived in a tiny beach house with two cribs and two times the gear (ours are barely two years apart) and it was the happiest we've ever been. Anna and Andrew are the very closest of friends, having shared a room for ten years! That you have an ever-expanding business (hooray!) And a fabulous child minder will help you to not lose sight of yourself. You live an enviable life, and it's been my joy to follow you from the first blog post. Sending tons of love and positive thoughts from my easy chair in chilly Phoenix! All the very best for 2016 and beyond xo

  3. Happy New year to you and your family.
    I love you little ones sweater. Have you made it yourself?

  4. Happy and healthy New Year from the Netherlands!!

  5. Every time I comment on your blog it is to say how much I love it. Reading anything you share honestly lights up my day. Sending you all my best wishes for you and your growing family a wonderful 2016!


  6. Happy New Year. Your pictures are gorgeous as ever and cheered me up on this wet January morning. All the best for the coming months. xx

  7. I couldn't find where to comment on your last post so I'm here. I totally agree about the names and in fact my daughter kept her name when she married. It's the choice in each family how they will use names. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your pregnancy as you await another special person who will bring you much joy.

  8. happy new year / spring! i made a similar poster hanger (painted brown) but used magnetic tape so i can switch out the poster. voila! also, wanted to say i appreciate the "names" post - my son has both our last names as well. makes me sad to think of all the mamas who kept their last names but now have different names than their little ones. yay for babies with two last names! :)

  9. After many years of reading your wonderful blog it was a lovely surprise to see one of my match boxes lurking about! From a fellow Falmouth graduate with two young children to another, keep up the good work.


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