xmasness 2014

26 December 2014

Happy 'post' Crimbo people! I hope you all had a lovely time! 
We had a delicious dinner cooked at my Mum's house on the 21st with all the clan. Then we headed back home to our little house for a 'quiet-ish' xmas with just us three. 
I loved the whole Santa thing, I suggested that Father Xmas might like a mince pie and a glass of wine, and maybe a carrot for the reindeers...littlun was straight on to it.

she kept re-arranging them on the breadboard, moving them a fraction and saying 'that's better! each time. Then she went away for a bit, then came back with a little drawing and put it by the wine and the mince pie. Then I started to feel a bit bad for lying to her so much. 
Anyway, eventually I got her up to bed so I could start making footprints in the ash from the fireplace.

In the morning I think she was a bit over-whelmed by the notion that 'he' had actually been, and had actually left a monkey (thats what she asked him for).

she was really happy with her inflatable dinosaur.

We attempted a xmas walk, but with a sleeping tot in the car, we just nodded off after a cup of tea and a mince pie! We did stop by to take a picture though.

Whilst I started having a nervous breakdown organising the dinner in the kitchen, my mister and tot went for a late afternoon stroll on the beach.

 pressie unwrapping was like being a kid again, I love it!.

The scene of someone who very rarely cooks, attempting to make wild mushroom and Camembert pies with roasted veg and sprouts. Unglamorous. I did envision myself calmly pulling out neat trays of beautiful food whilst sporting a sequin mini dress, red nail varnish and sparkly earrings. Well that never happened.

...but luckily some food did happen, although with a toddler meltdown, she didn't eat a single mouthful of it, she had crackers and Dairylea instead.

I ended up exhausted and dishevelled, glugging down red wine and trying to stay awake in time for Downton Abbey.
Happy times, Yay!!! XXX


  1. My baby girl is twelve and in all those Christmases I've never managed the minidress and nail varnish (I have glugged lots of wine) but we've had some lovely family Christmases. It looks like you've had a lovely time and created some lovely memories. Sarah

  2. Anonymous26.12.14

    Haha Same! All the best intentions ... never realised. But your dinner did look delicious! And quite fancy. Your house is divine, your small family sweet. All is good! So Merry Xmas and New Year ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

  3. Bless your heart, you are the sweetest thing to try so hard for your family...with great success! I'm sure you are building lasting memories for them!

    Hope you get some resting time for yourself in there somewhere. I think you are a dear.

  4. Anonymous27.12.14

    What a nice idea to meet up with the family before Christmas and enjoy the actual Christmas days in peace and quiet :) I should suggest that in my clan, too ...

  5. I am pretty sure that if we hadn't had xmas dinner at my in-law's house we would have had take-out this year... (who am I kidding? In reality I would have made some xmas foods and I would have made the whole family totally miserable by being so stressed and annoyed).

    your xmas posts have really helped me get through the part of the year that's the most stressful in our house (my partner and I are both teachers, so the end of the year is super busy with marking and such as well as xmas prep). Thank you!

  6. Thank you for being so honest!! Everyone else tries to present a picture perfect (in blog land) Christmas... but cooking in a tizz and not getting the sequins out is reality, especially if there are toddlers involved! Happy Christmas!

  7. Seriously lovely photos. Happy Holidays :)

  8. I am not a big fan of cooking either! Looks like you had a perfect day x x

  9. That little 'un is obviously a designer, just like her mamma and papa. I love her re-arranging the mince pie, etc. and to put a drawing with it! Magic. Love your house and your creativity. Good New Year to you all.

  10. Certainly sounds like Christmas to me! I think the food looked amazing, even if you didn't manage it in sequins. I like a Christmas that's honest, you're with family so they should love you regardless. Maybe that's just because I haven't managed to dress up for Christmas since I was a kid, but it's so much easier to pop the button on your jeans (or hike down the joggers a little) to accommodate the growing belly than it is to expand in a sequin dress, don't you think? Plus you never mind when you inevitably spill gravy or wine all over yourself ;)


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