xmasness 2014

26 December 2014

Happy 'post' Crimbo people! I hope you all had a lovely time! 
We had a delicious dinner cooked at my Mum's house on the 21st with all the clan. Then we headed back home to our little house for a 'quiet-ish' xmas with just us three. 
I loved the whole Santa thing, I suggested that Father Xmas might like a mince pie and a glass of wine, and maybe a carrot for the reindeers...littlun was straight on to it.

she kept re-arranging them on the breadboard, moving them a fraction and saying 'that's better! each time. Then she went away for a bit, then came back with a little drawing and put it by the wine and the mince pie. Then I started to feel a bit bad for lying to her so much. 
Anyway, eventually I got her up to bed so I could start making footprints in the ash from the fireplace.

In the morning I think she was a bit over-whelmed by the notion that 'he' had actually been, and had actually left a monkey (thats what she asked him for).

she was really happy with her inflatable dinosaur.

We attempted a xmas walk, but with a sleeping tot in the car, we just nodded off after a cup of tea and a mince pie! We did stop by to take a picture though.

Whilst I started having a nervous breakdown organising the dinner in the kitchen, my mister and tot went for a late afternoon stroll on the beach.

 pressie unwrapping was like being a kid again, I love it!.

The scene of someone who very rarely cooks, attempting to make wild mushroom and Camembert pies with roasted veg and sprouts. Unglamorous. I did envision myself calmly pulling out neat trays of beautiful food whilst sporting a sequin mini dress, red nail varnish and sparkly earrings. Well that never happened.

...but luckily some food did happen, although with a toddler meltdown, she didn't eat a single mouthful of it, she had crackers and Dairylea instead.

I ended up exhausted and dishevelled, glugging down red wine and trying to stay awake in time for Downton Abbey.
Happy times, Yay!!! XXX

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