St. Ives - Cornwall

25 July 2014

A glorious day spent in St. Ives. We ate pasties on the beach, visited Seal Island to see the seals having a nap and found a lovely shop and cafe.

where they serve the most delicious carrot cake...

and tea grown right here in Blighty!

and we bought a car for the nipper. Ooops.

and we made some VW friends on the pier.


  1. all these adventures you are having are so lovely. We just moved to Glasgow 3 months ago. We really need to start exploring the UK.

  2. I'm in St Ives right now!! I love that little vintage shop an cafe, especially the little timers they give you to make sure your tea is perfectly brewed! Cornwall is my favourite place in the world, I haven't been to that many places but Everytime I come here I feel like I'm home! xxx

  3. i love this so much! what a precious little gem of a place. so beautiful!

  4. I'd love to see those seals. I'd be in heaven!

  5. Oh my word, just the most beautiful photos makes everything look perfect. We have been given a tent and I'm wanting to plan lots of adventures, do you find campsites expensive nowadays?



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