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18 June 2014

So to recap from my last post, we went to Ardingly antiques market in Sussex. My mister and and I love this market and we get so excited. THis time was beautiful weather and the atmosphere was a bit festival like. We found so many things, but we did notice that the prices seem higher this time generally speaking, although there are always bargains to be had if you look hard enough, we did have to walk away from a few gems. Anyways, it's still a fantastic day out!

Our kiddo loves it too, but she had a thing for this tricycle (which cost £120!) and had a massive tantrum, rolling about on the grass whaling away. Oh dear.

But she settles for a wooden cart, which was actually very useful and will be handy for playing in the garden.

look at that massive cheese grater! I think it must be a military one?

here are the things we bought! (excluding the bench and table ; )

a chair for our nipper and a paddle for our boat.

those seals are hiding corkscrews.

a basket with a lid, so no-one can pinch my wallet! and a bucket to use as a bin in our camper van.

the thermos is perfect for taking pasta or stew out on our boat or camping, and, its never been used! £5, I think even Amazon can't do better than that. THe white enamelled can is for our teabags in our van.

I really love these tiny candle sticks and candles by Prices, they even come with the original box.

I think it's good for our littlun to have dolls and such to dress and undress as it's a great way of learning. But dolls and dolls clothes these days are usually a bit typical girly pink and naff. I found these ones for a few quid and she can dress up her wolf/mouse/bear and doll!

Hydrangeas from our garden by the way! : )
hooks for my shed maybe? Haven't decided yet.

a large amount of upholstery fabric

lots of cases and boxes and tins.

Nao found a set of number cake tins, so thats a few birthdays sorted. of my favourite things we found (and the most useful) is that little olive and cherry de-stoner (?) its a thing of beauty I think.

and do you see that big round wicker thing? that's going to be our new living room lampshade. I'm planning to give it a bit of a make-over first.

So yes as you can see we found so much! We now need to do a bit of a re-shuffle of our house, but I'm so excited to get arranging our new things...I feel a bit sad that one day our house will be too full to go to the market  anymore : /


  1. I love Ardingly, I think the weather plays a large part to how much they charge! I have been in sunshine
    And torrential rain! You bought some lovely things, hopefully I'll make it to the next one :)

  2. Oh wow, amazing place!
    So many things I'd like to have living with me ahah

    Joana x

  3. I went to Ardingly yesterday and also bought one of those trollys. My son loves it!

  4. Good lord! Artemis I need to come junk shopping with you! I can NEVER find anything round our neck of the woods. Tell me, do you get up at the crack of dawn to go? Cos, I think thats where I'm going wrong, all the best stuff is gone, Lou x

  5. I'm so jealous, we just don't have markets like that here in Northern Ireland :-(
    Someday we'll make a big trip of it and head over on the ferry though, until then I'll just have to live vicariously through your trips!

  6. All these findings are so adorable… Especially the sea lions… I'm in love !

  7. an embarrassment of riches! what a nice haul - esp in the doll-clothes department!

  8. Awww... I keep missing the Ardingly one, it's been on my to-do list for ages. Now I've seen your haul I'm definitely getting the next one in the diary!

  9. You got some great deals there! It looks like the perfect market. That massive cheese grater is fab!

  10. Looks like a successful outing! And glorious weather indeed.

  11. That round wicker basket it amazinggg. Beautiful finds

  12. Anonymous20.6.14

    Think that's a soap grater for making Olde Timey washing powder stuff. You can grate up castile soap and make washing gloop that way - I'd have a tantrum too if I had to leave the funky Flintstone-style trike behind too :)) E xxxx

  13. Swoon and double swoon!
    My Mum had a lamp shade like that in the Seventies...happy days indeed! X

  14. I would love to go to Ardingly. One of my favourites is at Newbury racecourse, it's amazing! Love everything you have bought for your house.

  15. I went too. Also thought it was a bit pricey but then I usually buy at jumble sales and auctions. You certainly got a great haul, I only bought three items but really enjoyed the day. Had every intention to take lots of pics and then promptly forgot, so engrossed at the stock was I.

  16. awww...those sea lions i desperately want now...

  17. I always find your pictures so inpsiring! My fiance and I are considering buying a VW camper van in the next year or so (once we can raise some cashola!), your posts are always so lovely when you take the camper van places!


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