homemade advent calendar and clock makeover

2 December 2013

It's the 2nd December already, can you believe it? I have got SO much to do I think my brain is going to pop. One thing I wanted to make was an advent calendar, and so we managed to get it done last night (the 1st). I got the idea from a picture on Pinterest I found, of paper parcels sewn up on the sewing machine. I thought that would be perfect for containing choccies to open each day, why not?

I used my stash of vintage wall papers and some brown parcel paper, and some gold glitter paint. (please note that the felt tips are not relevant, just left there by toddler.)

even a very ill Mister joined in, he made a sledge, a bowler hat, a moustache, a stocking and a bell. Very impressed.

I stuffed them with chocolate coins and Quality Streets (I bought these lovely Santas but I forgot to put them in!!)

I used a branch from our apple tree. It was a covered in green algae type stuff which I scrubbed off in the bath!

It was a bit more cramped than I had anticipated, so ideally I should have used a bigger branch (or smaller parcels) but who cares? not me.

'woooowwww whhaaaaaat'sss thaaaattt???? ....is all we get these days.

Last week, I was cutting out more numbers. I wanted to have a clock in little'uns room as we usually have to get up in the night if she cries out, and have no idea if its night or morning. I found a cheapo clock (£10) which had a nice wooden frame. I took it all apart and used wallpaper and cut out some numbers from some felt, then put it all back together. 

I had a big picture frame above her cot, but I was feeling stupidly worried that it would one night fall off the wall onto a sleeping bub, so I put the clock there instead and I quite like how it seems to go with her whale mobile.

Gosh and blimey, I have a long list of things to make and do, but before ANY of that, I have to clean the house. 

Beware of many festive posts coming up! ...you'll be sick of it in a few weeks time ; )

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