the last little bit of summer in London

5 September 2013

We haven't been able to go away camping for a while for one reason or another, which gets us down a bit. However, we have a car, we live in we got off our bums and went for an adventure.

We ended up here, an Ecology Park in Greenwich.

There are quite a few of these kind of educational, environmentally aware green areas popping up all over London. I guess they were formally waste land and have been transformed into habitats for numerous critters. I love their little kids learning areas...

bird nests and eggs...

The nature reserve is quite small, but arranged so that you feel that you are lost in it. 
Brand new apartment blocks reflect in the beautiful waterways, and there is a constant hum of machinery to remind you where you are...the industrial end of London.

The wooden walkways are perfect for little tots.

(if you are wondering why she has a sock on her hand, its because she has scalded it and she is not allowed to take off her dressings. I would elaborate further, but I'd rather not re-live the whole traumatic event so soon, suffice to say, she is absolutely fine now, but mum and dad are scared for life). 

...back to the story...

it was so nice to find a few shady areas, and so many dragonflies (or possibly the same going around in a circle?).

We loved the little straw and twig houses someone had made...

 I loved it in there, until I spotted the spiders webs!

 gorgeous ducks and water lilies, they were definitely a hit with the nipper.

someone just NEVER wants to stop walking!

...and investigating every two seconds!

...but we are enjoying every footstep.

and there is even a tiny beach on the Thames!

Its well worth a visit if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.


  1. Jo Jo5.9.13

    Wonderful adventure. Take advantage of every moment you have with Pehr. It goes so fast. My little one is starting school in a week, and it only feels like yesterday he took his first steps.

    1. Thank Jo Jo, we are definitely making the most of it, she is growing up so fast!

  2. My little one starts secondary school tomorrow, time moves soooo fast. It looks lovely in your photos, too far for me for a day out unfortunately!! Sarah

  3. Anonymous5.9.13

    As someone who works on the Thames I wouldn't really paddle in it if I were you! :)

    1. Ha ha! Do you know that people swim in it?

  4. What a great place! I'll have to see if there are any places like that in the Seattle area. I love how Pehr is so interested in cute!

  5. Looks like it was a great adventure. I love the frog chairs-they are super adorable

  6. Poor sweetie Pehr! I'm sorry you had that scare and I'm so glad she's doing great. The sock on the hand is pretty cute, if anything.

    Camping looks gorgeous! I just took my 4 month old daughter camping for the first time with 4 other mamas and babes. It was so fun and not as hard as I thought!

  7. Love your little adventures. And Pehr is the sweetest - this blog just makes me want 20 babies!

  8. Am so glad I discovered your blog and stopped by. As a fellow (south) Londoner, I had no idea about the ecology park or the tiny beach - I will definitely be visiting. After a rather challenging holiday recently with my youngest I think finding things to do nearby will be a better option. Sorry to hear about the scald, but wonderful photos :)


  9. What a lovely post - I especially like the photo of Pehr looking over the side at the ducks. Amazing what there is to be found in the city when you can be bothered!

  10. Lovely photos as ever, hope Pehrs hand gets better soon. My son was about that age when he decided he would like to suck a hot lightbulb - plugged in, there were no lasting scars - on him!

  11. Jane6.9.13

    Great pictures! Also love your blouse. Is it vintage or anything recent? Am looking for a nice nude/apricot blouse for ages... Cheers and all the best for Pehr's hand

  12. You find such lovely places to go, Pehr is such a cutie, hope her hand gets better soon

  13. I love these photos! Hard to think it's actually London. Poor Pehr, although she looks undeniably cute with that sock on her hand. :)

  14. So gorgeous! This place is going on my to-do list (even if the summer is now well and truly over!)

  15. Catherine16.9.13

    Wow, Pehr started to walk early! Best wishes for her hand. Have you been to the Wildlife Centre in Marsden Rd. SE15? It's like a mini version of this place. I live round the corner.

  16. Such stunning pictures!

    Katie <3


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