Perfect Proportions

21 May 2012


To go with our expanding ring collections, we were in dire need of some new ring display units. I happened across a lovely place that makes their own beautiful shop display items here in London: Proportion London. We ordered a few things to see how they went, and they arrived recently...we are so happy with them.

we tried them out with a few of our new samples...

I love the details, like the bolts on the stands with their brand and London on the other side.

For RUST & my Junkaholique Vintage shop, we ordered a mannequin {because I can't be modelling no dresses in my condition! well, I can't even get in them anyway} so she is going to be my stand in...and a much better job she will do...

I can't believe that anything of this quality is still being manufactured in this country {Land Of Hope & Glory is humming away in my brain right now} I though the days of UK manufacturing were all but a distant memory, but not so. Our rings and our ring displays made right here in London!

And, we ordered these little earring stands, just because they are lovely {will have to make some earrings to go on them now}

Not exactly enthralling to most people, but if you are into this stuff like me, you'll really appreciate their products. Our shop looks transformed!

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