1 March 2011

RUST wedding rings now available online

Hooray! this has taken me a good while...can't quite believe how many photos I have taken in the last few weeks, but my eyes are a bit skew whiff to say the least.

Now you can buy our RUST wedding rings via the Internet! All over the world {except Japan, sorry Japan, but you will still have to visit our Tokyo shop to place an order}.

It isn't the full range by any means, there are a few reasons for this, but mostly because we don't have all the samples in stock here in the London, but I hope to be adding some more options as we go along.
On average the rings take 3 weeks to make, or 6 weeks for red gold {excluding delivery time} just to give you an idea. Please see my 'Ring Buying Guide' for lots of helpful {I hope!} informations.

Also, I'm thinking to add some of these rings to our regular jewellery shop too, because they don't have to be wedding rings, a ring is a ring right?

Well, its all up and running, so go and take a quick squizz if your having a tea break or the like!


  1. Oh, these are lovely! If I had any need for a wedding ring, I know just where I'd go!

  2. These are stunningly beautiful! I wish I had known about Rust when I got married.

  3. i just love your blog, wedding rings, wedding photos, etc.


  4. They are so beautiful. Umm do you think 8 months is too soon to renew our wedding vows and make a purchase?!?!? If only i'd found you sooner.
    Katherine x

  5. Those are beautiful..I'd wear them even if I'm already married..gorgeous work!! xx

  6. Wow! Just Wow!


  7. Oh, I wish I was getting married again! So beautiful.

  8. These are just stunning. So lovely!



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