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26 April 2024

I’m very pleased to introduce to you a new collection called ‘Folklore’ at Only Through Shadows.  Folklore ~ Swift, Dreamer & Adventurer.
They have a naive rustic feel, with tiny illustrations of tales of ancient wisdom to guide you on your way. There are necklaces rings, and bracelets. All pieces are available in Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold or 9ct White Gold, and with different length options.

It's a funny old time these days, the economy seems hard on everyone and the future is unpredictable. So, my plan to navigate this scary mountain, is just to (in the words of the great Curtis Mayfield) keep on keeping on. It certainly does help to focus on new jewellery ideas and a brighter future. I am working on some intricate engraved and stone set ring ideas coming soon hopefully, finances permitting! 

I have really enjoyed making the Folklore collection, I designed it with everyone in mind. So I was overjoyed that my daughter said she wanted the Dreamer necklace for herself, and it really suits her and she's only 11! Great choice Pehr : )

Also added this moon and pearl lariat necklace, (lariat means a noose for catching an animal, which is a strange term for a necklace, but there you go).

I've also added some plain solid 9ct gold chains. If you'd like one of my necklaces with a heavier weight chain like these instead of the one it's listed with, just get in touch and I will set up a special order with the new price online. These chains are also nice worn alone, and can be made in bracelet lengths too (contact me via the website for this option).

I love the colour of this natural teal sapphire 18ct gold ring!

Lastly, these are very limited stock, Ametrine shard drop earrings in 9ct gold.
...and a new finish for our wedding rings, Rough Sanded.

Come visit me at Only Through Shadows. Thank you for reading! Artemis x

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